Version 2.7.0 of King of Avalon comes with some changes in the Forbidden Labyrinth: it is now possible to encounter other players and the weight and drop rate and amounts of items has changed.


I have done three runs from lvl 21 to lvl 39 and encountered another player, between 1 and 3 times. The first time I got a Source Stone (I) as reward, I think this was a mistake. The next times I got an Intensity Crystal (I) as reward (which now has weight 1).

For the rest from my point of view there is not really a significant difference whether I encounter a player or a monster.

Changed Weights and Drop Rates

The weight of the Fire Opal, Spider Silk and Soul Clay went down from 8 to 3. Fire Opal and Spider Silk now drop in batches of 11, Soul Clay 33.

The weight of Source Stone (I) went down from 8 to 1, Source Stone (II) down from 8 to 3 and Source Stone (III) still has a weight of 8.

The weight of scrolls is still 1 (at least the blue and purple I picked up).

2500 Dragon Spirit EXP went down from 23 to 13. Also throughout the levels I played a lot of 500 Dragon Spirit EXP dropped with weight 6. This is very heavy compared to the 2500 Dragon Spirit EXP, so in the end I tried to replace all of it, with 2500 Dragon Spirit EXP items and materials.

I have not really looked at the weight of the resources, I never grab any resources. I did notice Iron and Silver dropped as well, which I believe never happened to me before, but that could also be because I am now reaching higher levels.

This time no Intensity Crystal (I) dropped, but from the prize of the PvP encounter I noticed the weight going down from 50 to 1.

Changed Drop Rates

I am not completely sure whether the drop rates have changed. First I felt there were less materials and scrolls and more Dragon Spirit EXP items, but because of the randomness it is difficult to be sure.

Most important is that it seems I am getting less scrolls, especially levels 35+ give less purple scrolls, which is a major drawback as it seems the purple equipment is key in getting further. It is also very different for each run, sometimes only one purple scroll, other times four.

I get the impressions the common materials (Fire Opal, Spider Silk and Soul Clay) are dropping less, but it might just be that there is a bigger spread. There have been runs with just 2 or 3 drops of materials, and also runs with 10+ drops of materials. 2 or 3 really feels very little and I am pretty sure that never happened to me before (I have 14 stamina potions and 95 stamina, and normally I plan it so that I used op most, starting at 21, ending around 41, so I visit plenty of rooms).

Dragon Spirit EXP items drop more, but unfortunately it is especially the relatively very heavy 500 Dragon Sporit EXP items.

Source Stone (I) drops more frequently, mostly in batches of 16-17 (I once got 50), you can easily get a lot. Keep in mind that the total you need for an enhanced purple set is 149 per piece, so 894 in total. It is a lot, but you might reach it earlier than you think after this new update, and once you have done so, unless you already want to start collecting for a Gold set, you might focus on other stuff instead.

Source Stone (II) and Source Stone (III) dropped very infrequently. Maybe this will be better on higher levels, replacing the Source Stone (I), drops, but you might grap the Source Stone (II), when you can.

Intensity Crystal (I) also has not dropped so far. I am also not sure whether this changed, or whether this is just coincidence, as previously it also didn't always drop.

Monster Difficulty

The difficulty of monsters and bosses does not seem to have changed. I still got stuck at exactly the same point under the exact same conditions.

VIP Changes

Starting from VIP 5 there is a new 5% Labyrinth Cooldown boost.


I have a bit mixed feeling about these changes. I put in a lot of effort in the Dragon Spirit and Forbidden Labyrinth and I thought I was getting somewhere. People who start later now will get faster to the point where I am now because they can carry more. Of course going forward I can also benefit from the weight decrease, which is nice.

I haven't spent any money to purchase Dragon Spirit related items, but people who have done so might feel worse.

Problem with the Forbidden Labyrinth in my eyes is that it is very difficult to beat the people currently at the top, because the leaderboard prizes only make them stronger. The first 3 ranked get an Instant Labyrinth Cooldown and 40,30 and 20 25,000 Dragon Spirit EXP items, which is great to make your Dragon Spirit better and makes you more difficult to beat next time. The changes in update 2.7.0 won't change that. I would rather have seen that the game makers changed the leader board prizes, for example to gold and resources, still very useful for the ones who win, but at the same time the gap between them and the rest wrt the Dragon Spirit would not grow larger.

If you have any questions, or if you see other changes, please let me know.

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