Using your farm account for doing only resource production and gathering will only get you so far. If you have multiple farm accounts using barbarian rallies as well, can generate a lot of extra resources.

King of Avalon Advanced Farm Account Strategy

05/07/2018 - -

Explanation of how you can develop your farm accounts to daily get lots of resources via the Forbidden Labyrinth.

Note: If you still need to learn the basics of setting up a Farm Account, have a look at our basic Farm Account guide first.


Rallies on Barbarian Camps are a great way to get resources. Often players are mostly focussed on the chests, not realizing Barbarian rallies are a very easy way to get resources. Too often I have seen 6 players in a barbarian rally, while two would be sufficient and setting 2 extra rallies instead would have gotten the alliance as a whole a lot more resources.

The advanced Farm Account usage described in this guide revolves around getting the most out of barbarian rallies. This is easiest if you have multiple Farm Accounts (I assume 2) of your own, but could work well with different players with clear agreement on joining barbarian rallies.

Understanding Barbarian Camps

When rallying Barbarian Camps you can click on the opponents to see whether you will get Food or Wood. Often you want Food, in which case you look for an opponent with Food/Food.

The amount that is distributed is as follows: uptil lvl 12 100k, from lvl 13 to 18 200k, from lvl 19 to 24 300k and above 400k. It is good to focus on reaching the next level, so make sure you can as soon as possible raid lvl 13 camps, and afterwards aim for lvl 19, and ultimately 25 (although the higher is still better because of the Victory loot, and the better Chest).

Account Development

Because of the extra boosts you can get with the Building Prestige Levels it is important you upgrade your account to at least level 15, and optionally level 16 for the better tier troops. If you have sufficient Prestige Banners it should be possible to rally lvl 30 Barbarian Camps with just two accounts.

Upgrade those urban buildings on which you want to use the prestige levels to level 15. I prefer to divide the prestige banners between all, so upgrade all buildings to level 15. Hall of War is a special case, as this can require quite some gold. Make sure that you at least can host a rally with two full marches.

Do all possible Combat research.

Upgrade and enhance the Bowmen Rage, Cavalry Rage and Siege Rage Dragon Skills.

Train lots of troops, ideally enough for two full marches, so that you can do two rallies at the same time.

Daily Routine

You should be able to get on the farm accounts twice a day when the stamina bars of all your accounts are at 100.

Find a suitable barbarian camp and opponent (look at the level and keep the total reward in mind), and look at whether you want food or wood.

Set one rally and either use another device or switch accounts to join that rally. If you have enough troops set a rally with the second account as well and join with the first account. Do this a couple of times to deplete all your stamina. If you are able to kill lvl 19 barbarians this should provide you with 5*300k = 1.5m food or wood in damage loot alone, not counting the victory loot and rewards from any seasonal event that might be active.

After you depleted your stamina, set your troops out to gather. With this setup you probably won't gather food because you will have a relatively high upkeep, unless you can transfer it to another account with low/zero upkeep. Probably best to focus on Iron and Silver, and Wood if you require it.

Agreements with other Players

This strategy works best if no one else joins your rallies. If you are in a farm alliance and several other players join your rallies, this could take a serious bite out of your resource profits. If this happens, explain your strategy and suggest they run their own rallies so that as a whole the alliance benefits more. If it is difficult or impossible to work things out you can always consider setting up your own alliance.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Benefits are that the barbarian rallies can get you resources a lot faster than gathering and the resource items from barbarian rallies are safe.

Drawbacks are that it takes you more time to build the accounts to a level that this is very beneficial and that it is more time consuming to login and run several rallies compared to just sending your troops out to gather.

King of Avalon Farm Account for Safe Resources and Goodies

02/16/2019 - -

Using Farm Accounts for getting large amounts of safe resources (from Undead Trader, Spire, Monsters, Barbs, Seasonal Events) and all kind of goodies to transfer to your main via the Goods Exchange.

Resources via Labyrinth

The video illustrates another way to use your farm accounts for resources. If you develop your Dragon Spirit to level 44 you can maximize 4 Satchel Capacity Talent projects. In addition if you reach VIP 9 or even 10, you can plunder and get additional satchel capacity as well. Research the Satchel Capacity and Labyrinth cooldown projects. Once you have reached Labyrinth floor 55 with your Dragon Spirit you can get cheap food, wood, iron and silver daily. You get them in items, so it is a safe way to get resources, and the more satchel capacity you have the more you can buy.


I hope this gives you some idea how to make advanced use of your farm accounts, to maximize the benefit for your main account. If you have any other suggestions or questions, please share in the comments.

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