Most of the days there is a Gold Event Stage that you can focus on to win prizes. This guide deals with information relevant for winning the Kill Stage Gold Event.

How to Kill Soldiers

When you attack an enemy or are attacked (either via solo attack or rally), you have a chance at kill enemy troops.


Points are acquired based on the tier of the troops. The higher the tier the more points you score.

Preparation and Boosts

For boosts relevant for the Kill Stage you should focus on the Combat Research Category and the War Lord Talent points. Also make sure to Upgrade and Assign relevant Dragon Skills.

Besides the Attack, Defense and Health boosts for the various troop types, it is also important you can attack with many troops at the same time. This means making sure you research and assign skill points to March Capacity. In addition Stronghold upgrades also increase the March Capacity.

It is of course also important to train enough troops. You should have as a minimum enough troops to fill one march, but the more the better. If you have far more troops than a typical march, you are less likely to be the victim of the Solo Attack by a stronger player, because he will know your superior amount of troops will cause him too much losses.

Not only the amount of troops, but also their level or tier is important. Make sure your Barracks, Stables, Range and Siege Workshop have a high level so that you can train the best troops.

Also make sure you have some good Combat gear. You should in general have different gear for your lord for different activites, so preferably you will get 6 gear pieces that all give you attack boosts.

Once you are ready to do a solo attack or lead a rally, also consider using items to temporarily boost your stats. Items to boost attack and defense of your troops relatively give a lot of boost (e.g. compared to research), and items to increase your March Capacity make you a lot stronger as well.

When selecting targets also keep the above in mind. If you doubt you can handle a target solo, consider a rally. If you plan to lead rallies the level of your Hall of War is very important, it increases your Rally Capacity.

Advanced Teleports are not cheap, so it might be better to attack targets from your own location, even if that means larges march times.


I hope these tips make it easy to win the Kill Stage of the Gold Event. If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

Contributed by: on October 28, 2016


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