This article explains how the Good Exchange works in King of Avalon and how it can be used to move items from your farm account to your main.

King of Avalon Update v4.6.0 Goods Exchange

07/18/2018 - -

Information about the new Goods Exchange feature in Update 4.6.0. Including how you can use it to transport items from your farm accounts to your main.

What is the Goods Exchange?

The Goods Exchange is an extension of the Trading Post building that was introduced in updated 4.6.0. It allows you to exchange (request and donate) selected items with your alliance members.

How Does it Work?

In the Trading Post building (and in the Alliance menu) there is a new Goods Exchange item. This brings you to an interface where you see all your alliance members by rank. Here you can either use the Send Request button to request items, or click on one of the requested items from one of your alliance members to Donate.

When sending a Request you get into an interface where you can select one type from each of 4 categories (Equipment, Gemstone, Emblems and Heroes). Of the selected type you can select between 1 and a certain maximum based on points the item is worth. In my main account I for example have a maximum of 2,000,000 points (per day) in the equipment category, which allows me to request for example 8 Rare Material Chest Fragments. In my small secondary account the values are the same, so I assume these are fixed amounts. If you want to change you can also cancel your request in this interface.

It is a bit of a mystery to me why there are 6 slots as it seems you can only request one item from each category at a time.

What can be requested?

In the Equipment category you can request Rare Material Chest Fragments, Dragon Essence, steel items, and all the Lord materials.

In the Gemstone category you can request Refining Stone I, II and III, Rare Valor Gemstone Fragments, and all the simple gemstones (including Champion).

In the Emblem category you can request the 4 Bright Emblems.

In the Heroes category you can request Summoning Horns, any hero fragment (except for the later introduced special heroes), and Hero EXP items.

In the Statues menu you can request a maximum of 64 Statue Material.

Good to Know

If you have VIP 6 or higher active you get a 100% Good Exchange Capacity increase, I assume this is just for the one donating. When you request the maximum of an item you either need 4 accounts without VIP active donating the max or 2 accounts with VIP active donating the max.

There is no cooldown or anything, meaning as soon as accounts join the alliance they can donate, so ideal for temporarily letting your farms in the main alliance, donate, and get out again.


This is a very nice feature. There are quite some restrictions with the amounts, and it will be a bit cumbersome as I can imagine a lot of players would like their farm accounts daily in the main alliance to be able to exchange items. All in all I am still very happy with this extension, as it should help me grow my main account faster.

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