In March 2019 the Nether War event was introduced in King of Avalon as a replacement for the Ultimate Alliance Conquest. This guide provides a basic explanation.

King of Avalon Nether War Explanation and Prepartion

04/07/2019 - -

Explanation of the new Nether War event and preparation.


This event is held every two weeks and five days before it starts the r4 or r5 of an alliance can register the allliance to participate in the Event Center. For the registration a selection needs to be made from three different time slots. The first time we participated the times were about 6 hours apart, starting at 2 hours after reset, and for some reason the, in my eyes, best time for alliances with mostly members from Americas and Europe, around 4 hours before reset, was not possible.

An alliance can only register if they are in the top 10 of their kingdom and have at least 30 active members in the past 7 days, and a combined power of 50 million.


From the alliances that participate your alliance will be matched up with one alliance from another kingdoms similar in power. During the one time we participated so far we were matched up with an alliance with one SH40, while our highest SH is 35, but we probably had more players in sh30-35 range than they did.


There is a period before the event officially start when you can enter and already teleport to the Battlefield. You need to have all your marches at home before you can enter. During the first time most of our players had problem entering the Battlefield, when clicking Enter nothing happened. The only advise I can give, keep trying, eventually 15 of our players got through.

You get three free teleports to move within the Battlefield. More can be purchased with credits you can acquire by doing certain activities.

The map is divided in three areas, on the left and right are relatively small safe zones where the players from the alliances start, in the middle is a larger battle area.

In the Safe Zones you can still attack buildings, players and monsters, but you cannot be attacked or be reinforced. If your city is defeated in the Battle Area it will be teleported back to the Safe Zone.

In the Battle Area there are 4 Towers of Shadow (two located to each of the safe zones) and one Hall of Shadow in the middle. Occupying these buildings give both alliance and individual points. The longer you occupy them consecutively the faster you accumulate points. You can only occupy one building at a time. I am not completely sure, but it seemed that when you leave these buildings the timer is reset, eventhough an alliance member is still occupying them.

There are a lot of monsters (Netherlings and Raging Netherlings) in the Battle Area, killing these also provides Alliance and Individual points, but a relatively very small amount.

There are also two Fallen Altar buildings, if you attack one of those you get Purified Souls, but no alliance or individual points. These Purified Souls you can use in a special shop to get certain items that can help you with battle, for example teleports or credits that help you to heal your troops.

There are special beasts, Flame King and Frost Overlord that appear at certain times. During the event I only saw each of them appear once. You need to teleport to an area surrounding these monsters before you can hit them and the alliance that does the most damage gets some boost rewards (according to the description).

The event lasts about one hour (I think it really started 30 minutes after the scheduled time) or until one of the alliances reaches the point target of 4,500,000.


A copy of all your troops is made when entering the Nether War. You play with these troops, so your real troops are not affected.

When troops are wounded they will be sent to the Battlefield Hospital, which function is similar to the Kingdom Hospital from Firelands and Ultimate Alliance Conquest, healing does not require resources and goes quite fast. You can buy credits in the special shop to instantly heal troops.

According to the description not all troops go to the hospital, troops can die and if they do, they cannot be revived. This is conceptually an interesting change compared to the Firelands and Ultimate Alliance Conquest, so that someone cannot just keep spending gold and keep attacking you.


For the first time there is quite a lot going on, but the main goal should be to focus on the 5 buildings and occupy them, this is where most of the points are and my first impression is that the rest is mostly a distraction, but I might have missed something.

In preparation already assign some basic tactic, e.g. which players go to which buildings to occupy, maybe leave a few players free to focus on buildings that require most attention.

Port close to the buildings and occupy them with your strongest march with hero. If you have time you can use other marches to kill the monsters, attack the fallen altar building (I think this can just be done with few cavalry for high speed), or attack opponents.

Do not port when occupying a building, especially not if you were the first one occupying, it seems to reset the timer.

King of Avalon Nether War Event

04/07/2019 - -

Explanation of tactic and one hour Nether War event.

Alliance Points and Rewards

The goal for the Alliance is to score 4,500,000 points first, or have most points at the event of the event.

Participating alliance members will get rewards based on Victory or Defeat (for both minimum points 500,000 are required), which are similar as for UAC (50 60min Speed Ups, 15 Refining Stone (II), and 350 Prestige Banners for Victory, 40 60min Speed Ups, 12 Refining Stone (II), and 250 Prestige Banners for Defeat).

In addition, also similar to UAC, the alliances both get 30 chests of three different grades, that the r5 can assign to participating members. These chests contain gold, training and research speed ups and intensity crystals.

Individual Points and Rewards

What I find nicer compared to UAC is that for Nether War the individual points and alliance points are acquired in the same way. All in all I much prefer the way points are assigned in Nether War.

Players can get rewards by reaching certain point milestones. Rewards are sent by a System Mail after the event is over. At this moment the rewards are Emblem Essence (5300 max) and Summoning Horns (136 max), but the way things have been changing lately, I expect this to change as well.


In theory I like the idea of this event, it is more closer to KvK than Ultimate Alliance Conquest, with the benefit of being matched up with relatively equal opposition. Some things that need to be improved, or might need some more thinking, is the difficulty to enter the Battlefield, whether 1 hour is really long enough, and if the possible time slots are chosen wisely.

A possible modification could be to set a max on the number of participants to not get too imbalanced fights, and allow alliances to join the battle on different time slots, so that more members can enjoy.

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