This article gives an explanation of the Prestige Statues that were introduced in update 4.7.0 in King of Avalon.

King of Avalon Prestige Statues

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Explanation of the new Prestige Statues feature in King of Avalon.


In general you can consider this to be very similar to the emblems for dragon skills, in this case the prestige statues can be embedded to slots in the urban buildings. This can be done via a new Prestige Statues menu in the Stronghold.

The setup of the statues are also very similar to Emblems. There are 5 grades which can be refined to a higher level the higher the grade is. Each grade consists of 4 types. The boost setup of each type is a bit different. There is stil one that has Troop Attack, Health, Defense benefits, but for the other three instead one for attack, one for defense, one for health, there is one that gives infantry attack/defense/health, one that gives cavalry attack/defense/health and one that gives bowmen attack/defense/health. The total boosts provided at the highest level are for most Statues roughly 50% of the corresponding Emblem.

Instead of the 8 slots for the Dragon Emblems, each urban building has one slot for the Statues, giving a total of 16 slots. There are 4 type of slots, each 4, to match the 4 types of statues. This kind of compensates for the fact that the boosts are 50% of the emblem ones, so that the total benefits can still be the same.

For Dragon Emblems whether a boost was active depended on the level on of the Dragon Skills, for Prestige Statues it depends on the prestige level of the building it is attached to. For the lowest level the boosts are active at prestige levels 1, 5 and 10, for the Marble ones the boosts are active at prestige levels 5, 10 and 15, and for the three highest levels the boosts are active at prestige levels 10, 15 and 20.

How to Get Statues

In the Undead Trader you can purchase three different Statues: Raw Stone Statue (I), Raw Marble Statue (I) and Raw Thunder Statue Fragment (I). Of the two statues you can purchase 1 each for 52 and 156 credits, for the fragments you can purchase a set of 14 for 36 credits. The Stone and Thunder fragments are refreshed daily, the Marble one each 2 days.

In addition the Goods Exchange has been extended with Statue Material. Initially the limit was 64 a day, but this was increased in update 5.3.0 to 253 a day.

In Update 5.3.0 the Merlin Trial shop was also extended with the possibility to buy 40 Statue Material for 741 credits, this can be done 10 times a day.

Upgrading Statues

In version 5.3.0 the interface to Upgrade (previously also referred to as Enhance) Prestige Statues has been changed. When you click on one of the prestige statue slots (via the Stronghold - Prestige Statues menu) you get to a menu where you can upgrade, remove and dismantle prestige statues. In the interface at the left top there are buttons to switch the focus to a different type of prestige statue.


The Prestige Statues are unlocked once your stronghold reaches level 16.

New Prestige Statues in update 5.3.0

In update 5.3.0 a set of new Prestige Statues were introduced, infernal. The previous ones (Thunder) cannot be upgraded to the new set. Infernal is setup in the same way as Thunder with 3 subgrades. The total amount of buffs you can get with an Infernal statue is 70% for the troop type specific boosts, and 24% for the general Troop boosts.


Very similar to Dragon Emblems, so not very original. As a low/non spender I like that it is available without spending, but it does take a long time to upgrade it to higher levels, and with the new Infernal Prestige States in Update 5.3.0 the gap between big spenders and non/low spenders becomes larger.

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