Runestones can be added to your Dragon Spirit Equipment and provide extra boosts. This guide explains how they work, how to add them to equipments, and considerations how to best use them.

King of Avalon Runestones

06/03/2017 - -

Explanation of the Runestones in King of Avalon.

King of Avalon Tips on Refining Runestones

10/19/2017 - -

Tips on which runestones to refine and how to refine them.

The Basics

Runestones are a way to give extra boosts to your Dragon Spirit Equipment. All Dragon Spirit Equipment has one or more runestone slots, which allow you to embed a runestone. The Spirit Chamber building shows an overview of your available Runestones and allows you to embed them to your Dragon Spirit Equipment.

Different Colors of Runestones

I am not yet sure how the categorization of runestones is setup exactly. So far I have only had three, each a different color, and the color seems to determine in which slot they can be embedded.

Refining Runestones

In the Spirit Chamber you can refine Runestones, which improves their boost. You need points to refine; you can get these points by using the special Refining Runes or other Runestones. It is best to use Refining Runes, as these are useless by themselves, but if you have a lot of other Runestones that you are not going to use by themselves, you can use these as well.


Be aware that there are some restrictions.

You cannot remove Runestones from an equipment piece for free once added, but the cost is very low (20 gold).

Getting Runestones

It is not that easy to get Runestones, so far I have only seen them as prizes of the Fire Lands event.


As with other specializations of your Dragon Spirit (equipment, talent points), you should try to as much as possible make sure the boosts complement each other. So far I have only seen Dragon Spirit Attack and Defense Runestones, I am sure there are more, but don't know what is available. Just keep in mind what is the key focus of your Dragon Spirit and try to complement that as much as possible.

Regarding refining runestones, it is better to focus on making a few high level runestones rather than many lower level. As an example, you can refine one Earth Runestone (III) with 6 Earth Runestone (II) to one Earth Runestone (IV). In this example you first have Spirit Defense of 113 (from the Earth Runestone (III)) + 6 x 43 (from the 6 Earth Runestone (II)). This is a total of 371 Spirit Defense. One Earth Runestone (IV) provides 593 Spirit Defense.

The table below illustrates the importance of refining

Earth Rune Spirit Defense Refined Comparison
Level Refined Runestone I II III
II 43 51 NA NA
III 113 153 129 NA
IV 593 459 387 339

The first column indicates the refinement level. The second column contains the Spirit Defense of an Earth Runestone refined to the level corresponding to the row. The columns 3, 4 and 5 illustrate the Spirit Defense of the required components to refined a runestone to the refinement level. So far example the 339 in the bottom right cell is the Spirit Defense of 3 Earth Rune (III), which you could use to make one Earth Rune (IV) which gives the Spirit Defense of the bottom left cell, 593.

The information illustrates that going from refinement level I to II and from II to III you actually lose benefit (so it is better to not refine), but from III to IV you gain a lot of benefit. Level IV is much better than the Runestones required to make a lvl IV, even better than 27 lvl I runestones.

This comparison assumes you need to sacrifize the same benefit to get to a higher level Runestone, but in reality you probably have Runestones with benefits you do not focus on, or Refining Runes, so it becomes even more beneficial to refine.

The takeaway from this should be, once you have enough runestones to refine to a level IV, do so, because it will greatly improve the benefit.


This should provide a basic understanding how to use Runestones. In case you have any questions or tips, please share in the comment section.

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