Version 4.2.0 of King of Avalon comes with quite some changes that might not be so obvious at first, but could make quite a difference for your game play. In this guide we will go through them one by one.

King of Avalon Update v4.2.0 Changes

03/29/2018 - -

Information about the changes in Update 4.2.0.

Kingdom Quest

At first Kingdom Quest might seem like a slightly tweaked variation of the Christmas Map event. but there is more to it (besides the fact that the map locations are explored as soon as your troops arrived, no waiting until the dig is finished). There are certain point targets for the kingdom for which you can claim rewards in the event center. There seems to be a 30 day timer, so don't save up all those maps first, but keep exploring and claim those prices. When the timer is up, the price target rewards can also not be claimed anymore.

Ice Lord Set

My impression is that this is not a huge improvement over the Deathseeker set. The interesting boosts in Damage and Damage Reduction have not changed and the other combat boosts have only changed a relative small amount, considering the additional cost in Steel and Materials for this set.

King of Avalon Ice Lord Gear Comparison

03/30/2018 - -

Comparison of Ice Lord Gear Set with Deathseeker Gear and explanation why the benefits of Ice Lord over Deathseeker are not impressive.

Undead Trader

The rates in the Undead Trader have changed at least for some items. Materials and resources seem to have become cheaper by half (instead of paying one coin for one material/resource item, you now pay 6 coins for 13 materials, or 3 coins for 7 x 500 silver, or 7 coins for 16 x 2000 Iron). I think there are also better food and wood resource deals introduced, but I was not paying too much attention to them before. That is the good part, however for resources there is also a major new negative feature that is introduced, namely that there is now a cap, you cannot buy more than 55 times the silver or 25 times the iron. This makes my strategy (get your Dragon Spirit to floor 65 and after that use all capacity each run for resources), a lot less attractive as you can only use a fraction of your coins for resources.

Rare Material Chest Fragments

There are new rare material chest fragments that I suppose can be used to get the special materials needed for the golden equipment sets. So far the only way I have found these is from the Bonus Barbarian Chests. I got 8 from opening 3 Bonus Barbarian Chests Lvl 7. If anyone knows of other ways to get these, please share.

Golem Improvement

They have addressed one of the issues with the Golem, which is that often it was killed before some people even got a chance to get on line. In our Kingdom the previous update actually already addressed this quite well, because of the stronger golems there was now already quite a large time before it was killed. In this new update once a Golem is killed a new stronger one will appear and some prices will be added to the special auction.

Market Prize Optimization

Market Prize Optimization is one of the official changed features. I assume this refers to the changed rates in the market place. What I notice is that the rates in wood for other resources and other items have increased a lot, to a point where I am thinking that although I have plenty of wood now, I now I am going to need loads for Combat II research soon, and the new rates are so unattractive that I might just hold on to it. In short, this is not optimization for us, the players.

Better Merlin Gifts

I haven't been on a lot, so haven't seen many examples of these better gifts. I did see a Noble Badge and 20 Prestige Banners as Merlin Gift and never saw those before. I will update the guide as I see more new drops, but if anyone reading this already knows, please share.

More ways to obtain Equipment Scrolls

I noticed a Sealed Death Seeker Equipment Scroll fragments (5 for 20730 Crystals) in the Spire Loot shop in the Magic Spire, and for 500 Credits in the Spirit Store in the Spirit Altar.

No idea yet if there are more ways to get the Death Seeker equipment scroll fragments, or ways to get any of the other gold equipment.

Merchant Fair Changes

Death Seeker equipment has been added to the Merchant Fair, and the rates have been changed as well. Not really sure, because I don't look that much at this feature, but I believe an orange Stone of Giramphiel was previously 20k gold or something, now you can get it for 14k gold.

Adding troops to Garrisoned Buildings

You can now add troops to Avalon buildings you have Garrisoned.

Fireland and Dragon Spirit Arena Rewards Optimized

Looking at the Dragon Spirit Arena Rewards (both points and ranking), I don't see any obvious changes. Anyone else has an idea?

From what I see Fireland rewards have also not changed, but maybe that is just going to be noticeable next time I enter.


I have a bit mixed feeling about this. I spent a lot of time building up my Dragon Spirit and as it was I felt the benefit in the "real game" from having a high level dragon spirit was limited and now by capping the amount of resources you can buy daily a major benefit has been taken away. For the rest most of the changes do seem to make things better for low/non spenders like myself.

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