Battle Marks are a useful new feature introduced a while back. It allows you to mark targets. Marked targets will be shared in the Alliance menu.

What Are The Benefits

Besides the functionality in itself that it is easier to share these marks than communicating coordinates in the Alliance Chat, there are a number of additional functionalities. It is possible for example to trigger notifications when a shield drops, or when a commander leaves the base, is captured, or eliminated. This makes it easier to attack bases at their most vulnerable times.

How to Use Battle Marks

You can select any enemy base, click on it, and click the Mark Target.

Is it that simple? Well, yes and no. The functionality is simple and handy, but you need to purchase a pack to activate this functionality, and on top of that, for the new Commander Status Notifications you need to be a member of the Daily Bonus Club.


It is a creative and useful new feature in my eyes, much better than finding yet another way to increase the combat boosts.

This feature is especially useful for the stronger players, which will likely pay sufficient packs anyway to activate this and be eligible to use all features. It is a pity the non spenders and low spenders will not have this feature, or not have it to its full capability, although it would not help them against big spenders.

Contributed by: on August 11, 2016


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