Yesterday someone asked me the following: “ What do you think about massive alliances obliterating smaller ones”. Reason to write this guide with some experiences and thoughts on this topic. I hope this can be the start of a discussion and invite everyone to share their own experiences and views.


Unlike some other games, in Mobile Strike there is no restriction based on power or any other measurement of strength with respect to who can attack whom. Anyone can attack anyone in the same state and often the high power players have no problem at all daily attacking even players with only a small fraction of their power, to get some resources, increase their kills or prepare them for State vs State Kill Challenges. For non- and small spenders in small alliances this is often experienced as very frustrating: staying shielded 24/7 is too expensive, but being unprotected makes growing that much harder.

Why Would Large Players Not Bully Small Players

For the small players it is quite clear why they prefer not to be bullied, but what is in it for the large players, the big spenders, not to bully the small players.

One reason could be to consider that for state vs state challenges, which show to the rest of the states how good you really are, the large and small players need to work together. For small players it might be difficult to score points during State vs State kill challenges, but during the non-kill challenges everyone can easily contribute to score points, which potentially gives players individual prizes, a state win leads to gold tiles and sometimes the game makers provide extra boosts to winners. All of which can help everyone to grow and be more equipped to compete for future state vs state challenges. Sometimes the boosts that are granted are valid for State vs State Kill Challenges, making it even more important to win the non kill challenges as well.

Another reason to not bully everyone is that bullying can create bullies, and typically those bullies that are created this way do not listen to state rules imposed by top alliances. Players who have played this game and/or Game of War for a while have probably either experienced first hand, or heard stories about, players who after being bullied by top alliances went on a spending spree and hit everything they could, bases and tiles, no matter which alliances or what state rules were. Once such players became too large to solo attack (which is quite easily achieved) it is near impossible to control them and once you have few such players forget about imposing any type of nonaggression period.

Players that are bullied repeatedly are likely to stop playing or restart in another state, making the state less lively. Most players play the game not only for attacking, but also the social aspects, and every person quitting from a state is one too many.

My Opinion

I don’t like the situation where very large players bully the smaller players by attacking them repeatedly without any other reason than that they can and want the resources and/or kills.

I do understand Mobile Strike is a war game and especially if players spend significant amounts of money on their account, they want some action and do not like to be forced to wait until the next state vs state kill challenge, which could be two weeks away.

I do understand that to score well during State vs State kill events it is important that points are not given away cheaply and a good way to achieve this is by preparing the state, but I don’t believe random attacks are the best way to prepare for state vs state kill challenges.

Scheduled State Wide Free-For-All

Based on my experience what I think is best for a state in the long run and offers both small players periods of nonaggression and large players sufficient opportunity to attack is to have one or two scheduled Free-For-Alls each week. During a Free-For-All anything goes, meaning that tile hits are ok as well.

These free-for-alls resemble a State vs State Kill Event in the sense that they are scheduled ahead of time, which make them a good preparation for such events. Much better than just randomly attacking players.

If you for example as a state schedule Free-For-Alls on Wednesdays and Saturdays (unless there is a State vs State Kill event scheduled the same weekend), the new possibility to kill is always only a few days away.

On the other hand, for smaller players who still are more focused on growing rather than attacking, as long as they protect themselves the two days a week that there are scheduled periods of aggression, they can focus on growth the rest of the time.


Please share your experiences and view on how to best deal with smaller players constantly being attacked by larger players in the comments section below.

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