Mobile Strike has been extended with a new Building, the Troop Academy, which can be used to promote your Troops to higher Tiers and Troop Types.

Note: When Tier 5 troops were introduced this building (level 16) has been made a prerequisite for unlocking the Tier 5 troops, so irrespective on whether this building is worth it to build and upgrade for its own merits, you should consider that as well.

What do we know so far?

The Troop Academy needs to be unlocked by a Troop Academy BLUEPRINT and can be upgraded using Golden Badges. Both are as it seems now only available via buying packs, so this is a new spenders only building.

You will need to have completed the research to unlock the troops before you can promote your troops to a certain type and tier.

Thanks to some screenshots shared we have an indication of the resource cost. Surprisingly to promote tier 3 to tier 4 you pay as much resources as training new tier 4 (based on the infantry t3 to infantry t4 promotion, but we assume it will be the same for other t3 to t4 promotions).

To promote from one t3 to another t3 you require about one third of the resources of training new t3 troops (based on the infantry t3 to tactical t3 promotion).

We have extended the troop detail pages with the promotion resource cost, where available.

Also based on the screenshots below we have extended the data for the Troop Academy building to include the increase in Troop Promotion Queue for each building level upgrade and the level at which the various promotion possibilities are unlocked.

Promotion time seems similar to training time, details still have to be investigated.


Initially we were quite positive about this new feature, but now that it seems that the promotion resource cost to promote to a higher tier (at least from tier 3 to tier 4) are just as high as training new troops, the usefulness seems quite limited. Only if you happen to have a huge amount of one specific troop type and want to balance your army this building seems to have some benefit.

See also: Troop Academy (for an overview of all Resource, Special Item and Time Requirements and Boosts per Level)

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