Regular Troops
Name Tier Type
Soldier Tier 1 Infantry
Scout Tier 1 Tactical
Patrol Vehicle Tier 1 Armored Vehicle
Mortar Tier 1 Artillery
Machine Gunner Tier 2 Infantry
Commando Tier 2 Tactical
Armored Vehicle Tier 2 Armored Vehicle
Missile Launcher Tier 2 Artillery
Rocket Infantry Tier 3 Infantry
Ranger Tier 3 Tactical
LAV Tier 3 Armored Vehicle
Howitzer Tier 3 Artillery
Demolitions Tier 4 Infantry
Delta Tier 4 Tactical
Tank Tier 4 Armored Vehicle
Rocket Artillery Tier 4 Artillery
Strikers Tier 5 Infantry
Hunters Tier 5 Tactical
Wraiths Tier 5 Armored Vehicle
Rocket Barrage Tier 5 Artillery
Immortal Tier 6 Infantry
Assassin Tier 6 Tactical
Banshee Tier 6 Armored Vehicle
Goliath Tier 6 Artillery
Heavy Tier 7 Infantry
Overseer Tier 7 Tactical
Warthog Tier 7 Armored Vehicle
Warp Cannon Tier 7 Artillery
Operator Tier 8 Infantry
Headhunter Tier 8 Tactical
Cyclone Tier 8 Armored Vehicle
Siege Engine Tier 8 Artillery
Scion Tier 9 Infantry
Shadow Tier 9 Tactical
Razorback Tier 9 Armored Vehicle
Bunker Buster Tier 9 Artillery
Prime Jungle Commano Tier 10 Infantry
Prime Super Charger Tier 10 Tactical
Prime Buffalo Tier 10 Armored Vehicle
Prime Missile Racks Tier 10 Artillery
Ruthless Night Striker Tier 11 Infantry
Ruthless Medic Marine Tier 11 Tactical
Ruthless Raven Jet Tier 11 Armored Vehicle
Ruthless Kodiac Tier 11 Artillery
Glorious Forward Recon Tier 12 Infantry
Glorious Huntsmen Tier 12 Tactical
Glorious Grizzly Tier 12 Armored Vehicle
Glorious Cannon Cart Tier 12 Artillery
Exalted Breachers Tier 13 Infantry
Exalted Seekers Tier 13 Tactical
Exalted Chopper Tier 13 Armored Vehicle
Exalted Mongoose Tier 13 Artillery
Ascendant Champion Tier 14 Infantry
Ascendant Mimic Tier 14 Tactical
Ascendant Duo Blaster Tier 14 Armored Vehicle
Ascendant Walker Tier 14 Artillery
Advanced Troops
Name Tier Type
Counter Terrorist Tier 1 Infantry
Armed Guard Tier 1 Tactical
Assault Chopper Tier 1 Armored Vehicle
Heavy Ordnance Tier 1 Artillery
Grenadier Tier 2 Infantry
Ghosts Tier 2 Tactical
Cobras Tier 2 Armored Vehicle
Heavy Artillery Tier 2 Artillery
Patroller Tier 3 Infantry
Spec Ops Tier 3 Tactical
Raptor Jet Tier 3 Armored Vehicle
Ballistic Missile Tier 3 Artillery
Guardians Tier 4 Infantry
Paratroopers Tier 4 Tactical
Bomber Tier 4 Armored Vehicle
Missile System Tier 4 Artillery
Protector Tier 5 Infantry
Stalkers Tier 5 Tactical
Phantom Jet Tier 5 Armored Vehicle
Ion Cannon Tier 5 Artillery
Pathfinder Tier 6 Infantry
Predator Tier 6 Tactical
Reaper Tier 6 Armored Vehicle
Missile Artillery Tier 6 Artillery
Warlord Tier 7 Infantry
Corruptor Tier 7 Tactical
Observer Tier 7 Armored Vehicle
Heavy Cannon Tier 7 Artillery
Phantom Tier 8 Infantry
Widowmaker Tier 8 Tactical
Vulture Tier 8 Armored Vehicle
Rhino Tier 8 Artillery
Marine Tier 9 Infantry
Disruptor Tier 9 Tactical
Hornet Tier 9 Armored Vehicle
Scorpion Tier 9 Artillery
Prime Wasteland Nomad Tier 10 Infantry
Prime Ghillie Troopers Tier 10 Tactical
Prime Yellow Jacket Tier 10 Armored Vehicle
Prime Super Charged Cannon Tier 10 Artillery
Ruthless Hidden Sharpshooter Tier 11 Infantry
Ruthless Tracer Tier 11 Tactical
Ruthless Titan Tier 11 Armored Vehicle
Ruthless Nova Artillery Tier 11 Artillery
Glorious Sergeant Tier 12 Infantry
Glorious Wild Thing Tier 12 Tactical
Glorious Annihilation Tier 12 Armored Vehicle
Glorious Rattlesnake Tier 12 Artillery
Exalted Ghost Tier 13 Infantry
Exalted Sniper Tier 13 Tactical
Exalted Elite Bikers Tier 13 Armored Vehicle
Exalted Tiger Tier 13 Artillery
Ascendant Fighter Tier 14 Infantry
Ascendant Shade Tier 14 Tactical
Ascendant Wasp Tier 14 Armored Vehicle
Ascendant Mortar Car Tier 14 Artillery
Mercenary Troops
Name Tier Type
Militia Tier 1 Infantry
Marksmen Tier 1 Tactical
Sentinels Tier 1 Armored Vehicle
Field Gun Tier 1 Artillery
Watchers Tier 2 Infantry
Recon Tier 2 Tactical
Goliath Tanks Tier 2 Armored Vehicle
Assault Cannon Tier 2 Artillery
Spectre Tier 3 Infantry
Specialist Tier 3 Tactical
Reaper Drone Tier 3 Armored Vehicle
Cruise Missile Tier 3 Artillery
Enforcers Tier 4 Infantry
Covert Ops Tier 4 Tactical
Gunships Tier 4 Armored Vehicle
Rocket Storm Tier 4 Artillery
Raider Tier 5 Infantry
Tracker Tier 5 Tactical
Viper Tier 5 Armored Vehicle
Laser Artillery Tier 5 Artillery
Warden Tier 6 Infantry
Rogue Tier 6 Tactical
Decimator Tier 6 Armored Vehicle
Infinity Cannon Tier 6 Artillery
Berserkers Tier 7 Infantry
Deadeye Tier 7 Tactical
Raptor Tier 7 Armored Vehicle
Hellfire Cannon Tier 7 Artillery
Ambusher Tier 8 Infantry
Saboteur Tier 8 Tactical
Prowler Tier 8 Armored Vehicle
Shredder Tier 8 Artillery
Lurker Tier 9 Infantry
Marauder Tier 9 Tactical
Falcon Tier 9 Armored Vehicle
Dreadnought Tier 9 Artillery
Prime Red Beret Tier 10 Infantry
Prime Undercover Operative Tier 10 Tactical
Prime Giant Tier 10 Armored Vehicle
Prime Missile Cart Tier 10 Artillery
Ruthless Bruiser Tier 11 Infantry
Ruthless Rocket Trooper Tier 11 Tactical
Ruthless Bushmaster Tier 11 Armored Vehicle
Ruthless Rail Cannon Tier 11 Artillery
Glorious Marauders Tier 12 Infantry
Glorious Colonel Tier 12 Tactical
Gorious Outlaw Tier 12 Armored Vehicle
Glorious Warhear Launcher Tier 12 Artillery
Exalted Recon Scout Tier 13 Infantry
Exalted Lone Wolf Tier 13 Tactical
Exalted Condor Jet Tier 13 Armored Vehicle
Exalted Panther Tier 13 Artillery
Ascendant Veteran Tier 14 Infantry
Ascendant Phantasm Tier 14 Tactical
Ascendant Battle Buggy Tier 14 Armored Vehicle
Ascendant Saw Cannon Tier 14 Artillery

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Troops Strengths/Weakness Matrix

Attacking Against
Category Type Infantry Tactical Armored Vehicle Artillery Defenses
Mercenary Troops Infantry Weak Weak Very Strong Normal Weak
Mercenary Troops Tactical Very Strong Weak Weak Normal Weak
Mercenary Troops Armored Vehicle Weak Very Strong Weak Normal Weak

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