The Alliance Showdown event is reccuring event in which your alliance faces off against 6 other alliances to measure strength and gain rewards.

State of Survival Alliance Showdown Event

05/27/2020 - -

Explanation of the Alliance Showdown event, some tips how to do well individually and as an alliance.

How does it work?

The event consists of different stages, during the first stage, Registration, any alliance members interested to join should register and assign troops to participate to one of the three lanes. After this stage your alliance will be assigned to a group (total 6) of similar strength alliances and will battle all of them.

You don't need to do anything for the battle, the three lanes of your alliances will match up against the three lanes of an opposig alliance (you will play once against each of the alliances in your group). First the top player of each lane will face off against eachother. Whoever wins will fight with his remaining troops against the number of 2. Any player can only fight twice per battle.

The Alliance that wins the most lanes will win and get victory points accordingly. At the end of the event a ranking is made in the group based on the victory points.


There are 2 different type of rewards you can get.

At the end of the event every player participating will get rewards based on the current tier of the alliance (this is based on historical Alliance Showndown participation) and the rank of this round of the Alliance Showdown event. These are the most interesting rewards, Chief Gear Materials.

At the end of each round each player will get rewards if they were able to defeat 1 or 2 opponents. These rewards contain Chief EXP, Research Speed ups and resources. All quite small amounts, so not that interesting, but a nice little extra if you are able to get it.

Can Troops Die etc?

When you participate and assign troops, you should consider it that you assign a copy of your troops and heroes. Participating will not take up one of your deployment slots, and your troops and heroes will not actually leave. So you will also not have any casualties from these battles.


There is not that much to this event, just some simple tactics.

First individually, everyone should try to be as strong as possible when assigning troops. This means for example switching your talent points to War and using the Massive March talent to further increase your March Capacity when you assign troops. You could also activate temporary boosts, but these are rather expesive, I don't think it is worth it. If you had forgotten to maximize your troop capacity when signing up, or you have increased the troop capacity since, you can still change your troops by going to the event again, clicking on the lane that your troops are and clicking Manage Troops.

As an alliance, since the victory condition is to win 2 of the 3 lanes, a common tactic is to divide the strong players over 2 of the 3 lanes and leave the 3rd lane weak. This tactic should increase the change of victory over a similar strength alliance who has all 3 lanes of equal strength. If you follow this tactic, better rotate so now and then which lane is the weak one, you don't want to become predictable.

According to the description there is a time before each battle round that the r5 and r4s of an alliance can still change the troop composition in the lane (the toops of individual players cannot be changed). I have not paid attention to that yet, so I am not sure what changes are possible. If it is for example possible to change players between lanes, that might be nice to remove predictability.

Since there is a limit of only 2 battles per player per round, this event favors alliances with many strong players, not alliances with a few very strong players (big spenders) only. This mean the alliance should really encourage all their players to participate. In the tier that we currently play the first 15 players in strength compete and if I understood things correctly the amount of players per lane can even increase for higher tiers.

Alliance Building Benefita

Your Alliance can build the Alliance Showdown statue building to get some extra benefits for all alliance members (settlement located within the alliance territory) based on the Alliance Showdown Tier of your alliance. At tier gold where we are at at the moment, this is not very interesting, a 3% gathering boost.


I hope this helps understand the Alliance Showdown event and do well. If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

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