Survival of the Fittest is a recurring weeklong event that consists of different stages. The seventh and last stage is called Hero Upgrade. This guide contains some tips on how to do well.

State of Survival Survival of the Fittest Stage VII Hero Upgrade

06/14/2020 - -

Hero Upgrade stage and wrap up of the event, looking forward to next edition.

Important Notice: This is based on the stages and the order as it is currently in my state. This might not be the same for all states, I know from experience in my state that early on we had a different survival of the fittest event with 5 stages ending in a 2 day kill stage.

How to get Points

You only get points for using Hero Fragments (4,000 points for Elite, 14,000 for Epic and 35,000 for Legendary). Unlike the second stage Heroic Development there are no points for Gathering or usings Spins in Ray's Place.


You could decide to save up your Hero Fragments for two weeks and only use them to level up your heroes once this event comes along.


You get the same amount of points per Hero Upgrade fragment for this stage as for stage II Heroic Development. During the Heroic Development stage you also get points for spins in Ray's Place and Gathering good and you should be able to reach all point rewards without using Hero Fragments, so better to save those up for this stage.

Competing with Big Spenders

If you save up enough fragments you might as a non or low spender reach the top 100 in leaderboard, but top spots normally go to big spenders.


I hope these tips make it easy to do well in the Hero Upgrade stage of the Survival of the Fittest event. If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

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