This article provides information about troop training in State of Survival: Zombie War. The focus is how to make sure it costs you least speed ups, or to train troops as fast as possible.

State of Survival Troop Training Tips

05/29/2020 - -

Tips for troop training, focus on training speed and capacity.

Troop Training Speed

Troop Training speed determines how fast you can train troops, a very important boost, as (just like with research and construction) you typically want to be training all three troop types 100% of your time, and do some speed training now and then as well, so this stat greatly influences the amount of troops you can train "for free" daily and the speed ups you need during speed training sesions.

You can get a significant troop training speed from your Training Camp buildings. Ultimate you would like to have 4 Training Camps of lvl 30 providing you with 24% (4x6) Troop Training Speed boost.

A far higher training speed boost comes from research. In the Development category there is a total of 7 Training Routines projects that combined give a total of 201.6% Troop Training boost. Further down the tree they get quite expensive to research, I am not looking at Training Routines VI lvl 2 that takes 8 1/2 day, but if you are in this game for the long run, it is worth it to research all of them.

The War talent tree also has a training speed project very far down the tree, I am not sure what the boost is of that project.

I think these are the only ways to permanently increase your troop training speed, but I currently have 10% higher troop training speed than I should have based on these two stats and I am not sure where that came from.

The leader of the state also can activate a 30% state wide Training Speed buff.

Troop Training Capacity

The troop training capacity determines how many troops you can train at the same time. It would in my eyes be ideal to have at least a training queue so that you can train in batches of 24 hour, but in this game it does not seem to be possible to increase the training capacity to a very high value. Still, the higher the better, so that you can for example start large troop trainings before a troop training event starts and you can start with many points already.

The Training Camp buildings increase your training capacity for a total of 124 (4*31) when you have all of them maxed at lvl 30. A larger training capacity increase comes from the Troop Training buildings (Barracks, Range, Garage) for a total of 504 (168x3) when all at lvl 30, or even 726 (242x3) when all are 3 Stars / Flashes.

The 7 Training Yard research projects in the Development tree can provide an additional 204 Training Capacity.

The War talent tree has two Training Capacity projects, not exactly sure what the increase of those is.

You could use a settlement buff to temporarily increase your training capacity with a percentage (10%-20%), but although I do think it is nice to have a large training capacity, I don't like to spend biocaps to just temporarily increase it.

Daily Training Tips and Tricks

Normally I train in maximum size batches, but near the end of the day I am going to make sure I can still complete and restart training batches before going to bed.

Pay special attention to events where you get points for completing troop training (either from power or direct points based on tier). If such an event will start after the upcoming reset, make sure you have just completed a full training batch so you can start the event with significant points. Consider switching your talent tree to war in such a scenario, so that you can even train more troops and start with the event with more points.

For Speed Training it will be good to really have the fastest Training Speed and the highest Training Capacity, so make sure you max everything (e.g. training camp updates before speed training). .

Troop Training Calculator

In the link at the bottom of this guide and via the Tools menu you can access the Troop Training Calculator, which allows you to plan your troop training ahead so that you know the total required resources (and time).

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