This article explains what are the best heroes for each activity in State of Survival: Zombie War.

State of Survival Best Hero Tips

06/03/2020 - -

Tips for which heroes to use for different activities, such as attacking, rallying, defense, gathering, influencer trap, infected horde.


Of course whether you should use a hero for a certain activity depends on availability and level as well, so see this also as a guide on helping you decide which heroes to focus on for future development, while at this moment it might still be better to use an inferior alternative.


There are 4 heroes that give a gathering boost: Mike for Food, Chef for Wood, Rusty for Metal and Ghost for Gas. Make sure that these are in your marches when you gather.

Defending your Settlement against Enemy Attack

For defending your settlement against attack from other players it is best to focus on heroes with the Patrol specialization: Trish, Maddie & Frank (Rider), Wolfe, Ash (Infantry), Zoe (Hunter). You might not have Ash or Zoe, or haven't developed them, in which case you just chose your best heroes. For me the best defense team is Eva combined with Maddie & Frank and Ash.

Attacking Infected and Infected Fiends

There are a couple of heroes that provide some special bonus against Infected. By far the most important is Travis, due to the Stamina Consumption reduction and Troop Infected March Speed. He also provides a nice Troop Infected Lethality, but the stamina reduction allow you to hit more Infected each day, and the march speed increase makes sure you don't have to wait so long.

Jane provides a Troop Infected Health boost but is, like Travis, a Rider and you always should chose for Travis, which makes the infected focus for Jane useless.

The Hunter Sarge provides a Troop Infected Defense boost increase, the Hunter Tony a Troop Infected Defense and Infantry Nikola provides a Troop Infected Attack.

Solely based on the infected boost a team of Travis, Sarge or Tony, and Nikola is best, but you might have better alternatives for Sarge or Tony and Nikola that compensate the lack of infected specific boosts with increased general combat boosts.

Solo Attacking Settlements

Have a look at the heroes with Siege specialization for the best team to solo attack settlements. These heroes provide debuffs for the enemy, for example the Enemy Settlement Troop Defense of Ash, mean the Troop Defense of the enemy will be reduced by that number.

Trish provides an Enemy Settlement Troop Attack debuff, Jeb Enemy Settlement Troop Lethality, Miho Enemy Settlement Troop Health, Eva Enemy Settlement Troop Health, Lucky Enemy Settlement Troop Defense and Ray & Rolex Enemy Settlement Troop Attack.

You likely haven't developed all these heroes to the max, so there might be better alternatives, but for me this was a reason to first max Eva (instead of Sarge or Mike), so Eva is in my Solo Attack team, together with Ash. For Rider I chose Maddie & Frank, because I haven't developed the Hunters Trish or Miho, and I don't have Lucky, and the general boosts of Maddie & Frank compensate for the lack of enemy settlement debuffs.

Rallying Settlements

For rallying enemy settlements the above solo attack benefits also hold, but in addition some heroes have a rally specialization, which means troops get additional combat boosts if they are in a rally.

Maddie & Frank gives a Rally Troop Attack boost, Nikola Rally Troop Defense, Jeb Rally Troop Attack, Miho Rally Troop Health, Wolfe Rally Troop Lethality, Zoe Rally Troop Defense, Lucky Rally Troop Health,

I haven't developed a lot of these heroes, so I stuck with the same team as Solo Attackin: Maddie & Frank, Eva and Ash.

Rallying Bunkers, Towers, Capitol

Here you should look at the heroes described in the previous section that provide specific Rally boosts. For me that doesn't change the team, since I have not developed most of these well: Maddie & Frank, Eva and Ash.

Defending Your Settlement Against Infected Horde

For the defense against Infected Horde both the heroes with Infected and Patrol specialization can offer some relevant benefit.

The Infected Horde is about doing damage, killing more than 50% of the infected horde each time. This means you should focus on the Attack and Lethality benefit. For the heroes with Infected specialization Nikola is worth considering because of the Troop Infected Attack. For the Patrol Heroes Maddie & Frank (Settlement Troop Attack), Trish (Settlement Troop Lethality) and Ash (Settlement Troop Attack) provide extra benefit.

There is no Hunter with specific benefit, so just chose your best Hunter, in my case Eva, for Rider I have developed Maddie & Frank a lot further than Trish, so that choice is also clear. For the Infantry you might consider that in general the stats of Infantry are not so important for the Infected Horde, so you might chose either Ash or Nikola based on whether Ash' Settlement Troop Attack or Nikola's Troop Infected Attack are better and ignore the other stats.

Influencer Trap

I am not sure whether the game considers the Influencers as Infected, so not sure whether those infected boosts apply, but I assume they do. This means for the Influencer Trap focus on a hero team that has rally and infected benefits.

Like with the Infected Horde, the Influencer Trap is about doing damage, so you don't have to worry about Defense and Health stats, just Attack and Lethality. This means again Nikola is worth considering because of the Troop Infected Attack, Maddie & Frank with Rally Troop Attack and Wolfe with Rally Troop Lethality as well. Since I have not developed Nikola and Wolfe, I chose for my default combat team with Eva, Maddie & Frank and Ash.

Joining Rallies

When you are not a rally leader but join a rally you take the buffs from the rally leader, that is why it is important to have a few strong players in the alliance that have both great stats as well as a high level Command Station.

There is one way your stats can still influence the rally, this is because of the first 5 people joining the rally the first skill of the first hero will be activated. This is why if you join a rally the order of your heroes is important.

If you join Influencer Trap rallies it matters a huge amount, because for the Influencer Trap only Attack and Lethality boosts are important.

Potential good heroes are Ash (chance of dealing extra damage), Jeb (chance to dealing critical damage), Wolfe (chance of dealing extra damage), Eva (Increased Troop Damage), Chef (chance of dealing extra damage), Sarge (Increased Troop Damage), Zoe (Increased Troop Attack), Ray & Rolex (chance of dealing extra damage), Tony (chance of dealing extra damage).

The popular choices are Eva, Sarge and Zoe because they always give a clear increase in damage or attack, not a chance. This is why during Influencer Trap your alliance should make clear everyone joining rallies should have Eva, Sarge or Zoe as their first hero.

When doing other rallies it is less important which hero is first, because all skills provide some benefit. Since you don't have that many preset slots, you might just stick to the above rule of Eva, Sarge or Zoe first. Alternatively you might want to put the Hero first with the most developed first skill.

Hero Specialization Breakdown

See in below table a full breakdown of which heroes have each of the possible specializations.

Specialization Heroes
Gathering Chef (Wood)
Ghost (Gas)
Mike (Food)
Rusty (Metal)
Infected Nikola
Patrol Maddie & Frank
Ray & Rolex
Siege Ash
Ray & Rolex
Rally Maddie & Frank


Although to a large extend during combat the basic combat stats will be a decisive factor in determining which heroes to use, I hope above considerations help you realize in which cases you might want to deviate, and which heroes to focus on more to do well in certain aspects of the game.

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