Once your alliance has built the Influencer Trap building, you are eligible to participate in the Influencer Trap Event to get great rewards for all members of the alliance. This guide explains how the event works.

State of Survival Infected Influencer Trap

04/11/2020 - -

Explanation on how the Influencer Trap Event in State of Survival functions, and tips on how to do well. Includes first waves of the actual Influencer Trap event in action.

How the Influencer Trap Event Works

All members in an alliance can donate Energy Cells to the Influencer Trap. Every donated Energy Cell gives 1 points and once the total of 100 is reached and the Cooldown timer has expired, an level of Influencer can be selected and the Influencer Trap can be opened. After this the alliance has 30 minutes to kill the Influencer.

Energy Cells

You get Energy Cells from killing Infected. Everyone should donate at least one Energy Cell so that if the Influencer battle is won, everyone will receive the victory rewards. You can donate as many times as you want, even after the 100 points has been reached. It will still make you eligible for the victory rewards and any donation will get you some Alliance Honor that can be used to purcahse items in the Alliance Store.


The cooldown timer starts when the Influencer Trap is opened. I believe it is about 2 hours short from 2 days, so that if you want you can easily keep running the Influencer Trap the same time every two days.


As your alliance has beaten more Influencers you each time get the chance to select a higher level, meaning more hitpoints before it is killed. You always need to think about who is online to help, before making a decision. Sometimes it will be better to not go for the strongest, if you don't have enough (strong) members online.

It is best to already take the Influencer Trap into consideration with your hive setup and have strong rally leaders around the Influencer Trap. It is crucial your alliance is able to set and fill as many rallies as possible to do the necessary damage in the short time the Influencer Trap is open.

The big problem is the 5 minutes wait before a rally can move. So that is why it is crucial rally leaders don't lose additional time by having long marches.

As typical for these type of events in State of Survival, it is about doing damage, so don't go for the one perfect rally of only your strongest players, but rather have many rallies.

You don't need to worry about losing a rally, it is just about doing damage. Since defense is not important, focus on damage dealers like Hunters and Riders, and leave out the defensive oriented Infantry (unless you are unable to have a full march without Infantry). Although the basic attack stats of Hunters are better than riders, it might very well be that you have a better result with Riders if your Rider Attack and Lethality are higher than your Hunter Attack and Lethality. Do some experiments.

If you normally have your Talents set to Economy, reset them to War for this event, activate the Massive March talent just before the event start, and make a preset based on your increased march capacity.

The Alliance leaders should appoint rally leaders, the amount of rally leaders depend on the amount of players. We have most success by for example having 3 waves of 3 rally leaders. The first wave starts at opening time of the Influencer Trap, the second wave 1:30 minutes later and the third wave 1:30 minute after the second. If the rally leaders are assigned to waves based on their proxemity to the Influencer Trap, these 1:30 minutes will increase a bit during the event, which is fine.

If you have 3 rally leaders and around 5 players can fit a full march in a rally, and you have besides the 9 rally leader around 15 other players online they can each 5+ minutes join a total of 3 rallies. With more players online you can decide to do more rallies, but keep in mind that rally leaders only hit the Influencer once everty 5+ minutes, so don't have too many.

For the first 4 players joining rallies the Hero Skill of their first Hero will be activated as well. Because of this it is important that the first hero everyone uses is one that provides a skill that is providing extra damage. The best Heroes to use as first of the team are Eva, Sarge and Zoe, they increase the troop damage or attack.


There are two prizes. The Victory Rewards is the same for everyone that either participates in the rallies or that has donated Energy Cells (that is why it is important to donate Energy Cells). Victory Rewards (for the level I am playing) consist of Eva fragments and Alliance Honor.

The Damage Rewards are only for the ones participating in the rallies and are based on the damage ranking. The more damage you have done, the better your rewards are. For ranking #1 for a level 14 Foul Summoner I got 460 Hero Gear Parts, 5 Lethal, Brutal and Phantom set design fragments, 33,670 Alliance Honor, 6.4 M Food and Wood, 1.2 M Metal, and 326,000 Gas.

I assume the prizes also increased based on the level of the Influencer, but I have not looked into this.

There are no prizes for individual rallies.


The Influencer Trap is a great way to work together as an alliance to set some rallies. Practice for the real stuff, while at the same time get some great rewards for all involved.

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