The reservoir raid is an event where your alliances faces off against another alliance, from another kingdom, to do battle. This guide provides a basic explanation.

State of Survival Reservoir Raid Event

04/12/2020 - -

Reservoir Raid Event in action. Up against stronger players, so not really much nice to show, but maybe still interesting for players not yet familiar with the event.


This event is held every two weeks and during the preparation stage r4 or r5 of an alliance can register the alliance to participate in the Event Center, specify a preferred timeslot the event takes place, and select which members can participate.

Only 30 members can participate, but you can also register reserve players that can fill in, in case others are unable to join.


From the alliances that participate your alliance will be matched up with one alliance from another kingdoms similar in battle power.


This event takes place on a special map. Both of the competing alliances start at opposite corners of the map. The map contains about 10 buildings that you should try to occupy to earn points. Later on during the event resource tiles appear that should try to gather on to get points as well. The objective for the alliance is to get most points, the alliance with most points wins.

By occupying buildings and gathering the resource you also get personal points. You also get personal points based on killed troops. At the end of the event you also get rewards based on your individual point rank.

During the event you get some free relocators, some healing speedups, and march speed ups. You can only use them during the event.


A copy of all your troops is made when entering the Reservoir Raid. You play with these troops, so your real troops are not affected.

When troops are wounded they will be sent to the Battlefield Hospital, healing does not require resources and goes relatively fast.

Troops cannot die, so as long as you have healing speed ups and are willing to spend them, you can keep playing.


Tactic very much depends on the opponent, how your strong players match up against theirs etc, but I can share some tips that should always help.

There are a lot of buildings and later on a lot of tiles where you can get points as well, so having many players that can compete is crucial in getting many points. What is very important is that everyone picks their battles carefully, ideally you only do battles where your team is significanlty stronger than the opposition. If you encounter someone of equal strength, you ask the help of someone in your alliance that is stronger, or set a rally.

Hit other significantly weaker players as much as you can, in buildings, on tiles, and even in their city if there are not too many. This is great for your own points, but more important is that when opponents get low in troops, it becomes a lot more difficult for the alliance to get points.

Your Alliance's largest players should make could use of themselves by hitting many smaller players, not just park in buildings.

Similarly try to make sure you don't have easy targets in your alliance. Combine troops together in buildings and reinforce eachother, or even send them out when you are attacked by a lot stronger opponents.


There are alliance rewards and invidual ranking. I don't know the details yet of different ranks, but will list here what I received last time.

As alliance victory rewards all participants got 2 Advanced Relocators, 4 Epic Search Maps, 600 Biocaps and some resources.

For ranking 6th in the personal point rank I got 6 Legendary Hero Fragments, 8 Legendary Hero Badges, 80x Combat Manual II, 1200 Biocaps, 12x1h Training Speedup.

As you can see the ranking rewards are very interesting.


I like this event, competing with other alliances, not in the same kingdom, without any losses and an opportunity to get nice rewards.

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