When you start playing State of Survival: Zombie War you will be able to auto complete all your building upgrades and research projects take only minutes to complete. During one playing session you can do a lot of things, but soon you will find yourself looking at timers, for research, construction and troop training. Not only that, the next time you log into the game, the same timers are still running. This will be a large part of the game and to grow it is very important to make sure your research, construction and training speed are fast to complete everything as soon as possible.

How Do Speed Up Boosts Work?

If we look at research there is an initial Research Speed without any boost, let's refer to this as RS. Any research speed boost is relative to this RS, so 100% research speed boost means that your research speed is now 2 times RS. This means a reduction for the time it will take you to do a research project. With a 100% boost, if you do a research project with original time 2 days, it will now only take you 1 day. Mathematically the time reduction is by a factor of 100 / (100 + Research Speed Boost).

In this game the boosts you can get for research and construction speed are not huge, but since building and research are so important it is still best to do effort to make them as high as possible.

Chief Talent Points

For assigning the Talent Points you have two different trees to assign your points to. It is best to assign your points in one tree based on the activity you plan to do and reset your points if you want to change to another activity. In the Economy category you have the possibility to get building (Tool Improvement) and research (Tech Improvement) speed boosts. There are four projects for each.

The Economy tree also contains a Rapid Development talent, which gives a 20% Construction and Research speed boost for 5 minutes, with a 24h cooldown period.

Training Camp

For each Training Camp you get a 0.2% Troop Training Speed boost per level, so a Level 8 and a Level 6 Training Camp give a total Troop Training Boost of 2.8%.

Research Projects

The Development Research Tree contains projects to increase Research Speed (Tech Improvement I - VII), Construction Speed (Tool Improvement I - VII) and Train Speed (Training Routines I - VII). Here you can get a total of 27.8% Construction and Research Speed, and 202.2% Training Speed.


At VIP 4 you can a 10% Construction Speed boost. At VIP 9 this is increased to 20%.

Headquarters Settlement Buffs

Via the Headquarters Settlement Buffs you can temporarily increase your construction and research speed as well with 10-15%.

Other Ways to Make Construction, Research and Training go Faster

Although not speeding up the building or research speed itself the following are also important to keep in mind. The level of your Assembly Point influences the amount of Alliance Helps you can receive and the amount of seconds each help deducts. Your VIP level influences the Instant Construction Speed up time.

Via the Alliance - Speedups menu you see a list of activities that upon completion provide points that give you and alliance members construction and research morale speed ups. Use this as there is a maximum of how many you can hold.

Via the Mission - Research Tasks menu you see a list of activities that upon completion deduct time from specific research projects.

More details

Look at our Boost Types Overview and select any boost for more details. Here you find an overview of all ways to increase this boost. We are still adding data, so this is not yet complete.


This should give you some idea how to speed up the important tasks in State of Survival. If you have questions about them or have other tips to share, let them know in the comment section.

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