Biocaps is a valuable resource in State of Survival: Zombie War, which is rather hard to come by. This guide provides some suggestions and considerations concerning what to spend the Biocaps on.

Settlement Buffs

Via your Headquaerters you can access the Settlement Buffs. Here you can use Biocaps to activate a large variety of Buffs. Most are worth considering, I will just handle part of them here.

Using the Mega Gathering Boost as often as you can (during peace time) is a no brainer. Gathering resources is for most players a very important way of accumulating resources and with the 100% Gathering Boost this goes a lot faster.

Construction and Research Speed can be purchased to increase the speed with 10% or 15%. Whether this is worth it depends on the total timer of your planned construction or research. I plan to write a calculator for this in the coming days, but to give some guidance assuming currently a 0% boost you need to have a total timer of at least 27.5 hours to make it effective to activate the 10% speed up increase for 2000 Biocaps. For timers more than 54.625 hours it becomes effectuve to activate the 15% speed increase for 5700 Biocaps. For shorter timers you can better use the Biocap to speed up the timer instead of activating a boost.

For the combat Buffs it is more difficult to make a quantitative analysis, but if you plan to fight using some Buffs can be worth it.

A special mention for Peace Flares, these are for sure a good investment to protect your troops and/or resources.

VIP Activation

Once you reach VIP 4 you get a 10% Construction Speed boost. You can activate VIP for 30 days for 10,000 Biocaps. In my eyes this is worth it. You are likely using two building queues 24/7 and that 10% Construction Speed boost allows you to do a lot more (or saves you on a lot of speed ups).

At VIP 8 you get an extra March Slot and at VIP 9 the Construction Speed boost is 20% and combat boosts starts to be added, so it only gets better.

Second Building Queue

You can buy a bundle to permanently unlock the second builder queue, but if you haven't done this yet, you should for sure unlock it temporarily with Biocaps. It is very cheap.


There are some good things in the store, but often things you can get through normal gameplay as well. For most I would only purchase it if it would help me win rewards in an event. One exception is the talent point reset. As you grow the EXP level of your Chief it becomes more and more useful to switch your talent tree settings between economy and war.

VIP Store

If you decide to use your Biocaps to purchase something from the store, the VIP store might offer it cheaper. Especially once you grow your VIP to a high level there is quite some offering.

Market Stall

The selection in the Market Stall is random, so difficult to plan, but the rates are better than the general Store. Check it out regularly and use the refreshes if you consider using your Biocaps to purchase stuff.

Purchasing Other Stuff

Not all items you can purchase with Biocaps are available in the store. For example you can click on the + to increase your VIP level, after which you get the option to buy 100 VIP points for 200 Biocaps. In general these things are quite expensive, but it is often possible (although there are also plenty of things you can only purchase with bundles).


There are events where you can use Biocaps to extend your possibilities. For example in the Alliance Throwdown you can purchase extra Challenges, and in the Biker Carnival you can force an extra refresh of your tasks. Both worth it in my eyes.

Autocompleting Construction, Research, Troop Training

If you don't have the resources and/or you don't want to wait until a timer runs down you have the possibility to click an Instant button to buy your way through it. You need to be careful when doing this. Clicking this button pays for everything (resources and speed ups) and is in general very expensive. You might have some of the resources in your items, and also have some speed ups. In my experience it is better to first check what you have, purchase per item what you need, start the building, research, troop training, use up the speed ups you have (inlcuding Morale speed ups), wait for some Helps if applicable, and only after use Biocaps to run down the timer. And only do this if you can win nice rewards from an event.


This should give you some ideas what you can do with your Biocaps in State of Survival. If you have additional tips, please share.

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