When you start playing World War Rising you will be able to auto complete all your building upgrades and research projects take minutes or hours at most. During one playing session you can do a lot of things, but soon you will find yourself looking at timers, for research, construction and troop training. Not only that, the next time you log into the game, the same timers are still running. This will be a large part of the game and to grow it is very important to make sure your research, construction and training speed are fast to complete everything as soon as possible.

How Do Speed Up Boosts Work?

If we look at research there is an initial Research Speed without any boost, let's refer to this as RS. Any research speed boost is relative to this RS, so 100% research speed boost means that your research speed is now 2 times RS. This means a reduction for the time it will take you to do a research project. With a 100% boost, if you do a research project with original time 2 days, it will now only take you 1 day. Mathematically the time reduction is by a factor of 100 / (100 + Research Speed Boost).

So with 100% Boost the time reduction is by a factor of 0.5, for 200% boost by 0.333 and for 300% boost by 0.25. Although those additional boost percentages are still very valuable (especially with original research times getting into hundreds of days), absolute reduction in time will be less as you already acquire a good base boost.

Note that above was written with games in mind where it is actually possible to get hundred of construction, research and troop training speed boosts, so far it seems to me in World War Rising you should already be very happy if you get 10-20% speed up boost.

Hero Skill Points

Via your Hero Skill Tree it is possible to get Construction, Troop Training and Research boosts. The way this works is a bit different from other similar games in the sense that for those projects you need to spend an increasing amount of points for each level to still only typically get 1% boost per level (sometimes 2%), and in addition, eventhough the projects are available for lower level heroes, certain levels of the projects are only available for higher level heroes. To illustrate this, currently I have the COnstruction project at level 5, which gives me 6% Construction Speed boost. To go to level 6 I require Hero lvl 36 and 23 Skill Points, which will get me an increase of 1% in Construction Speed boost.

I still find it useful to assign the points to Construction, as doing building upgrades is currently the major bottle neck of my growth. Troop Training and Research Speed projects are a little more down in the tree, but still accessible for lower levels. The data as far as I have found out so far can be found in the Hero Skill Tree overview.

Construction Research

As soon as a new level of Construction Research in the Economics tree is available, research it. It is a bit in the middle of the tree, and you do need to do quite some research before it is unlocked, but these boosts are worth it and the other Economic research you need to do to unlock it is worth it as well.

At the top of the Economics tree is a Construction Time Reduction project. This one is less useful when timers start to be very long, but is useful early on and a requirement to research to higher level anyway to be able to research what is below.

Troop Training Speed Research

In the Combat tree there is a Troop Training Speed research project that gives a high boost, 20% at level 1 and another 20% at level 2. The second level only becomes available at Research Facility lvl 21.

Research Facility

Every level you upgrade your Research Facility you get a small Research Speed Boost. You will want to upgrade your Research Facility anyway as soon as you can to unlock new research projects and levels, the boost, although small, is helpful.

Training Grounds and Barracks

Each level of the Training Grounds building gives a Troop Training Speed increase of 1%. In addition it gives a Troop Training Capacity increase as well, just as each Barracks building and level. Although the capacity in itself does not speed up your troop training, it can be very valuable early on, so that you can train more troops at a time, especially useful when you go offline for a while.


For research there is only one gear piece, the Pocketed Jacket, which gives a 15% Research Speed boost at gold level. Unfortunately the 2 Nylon and 2 Silk Materials you need are not the easiest to acquire.

Each piece of the Winter set gives a 3% Construction Speed boost at Gold quality level, which is nice, but not much, and at lower quality levels there is no construction speed boost at all. This is the only equipment giving construction speed boost.

The Thompson Weapon is the only equipment piece that gives a Troop Training Speed boost, 7% at gold level.

Construction and Research Queues

As an alternative for increasing the speed is allowing multiple queues, but this is something so far only available for spenders.


This should give some basic ideas as to how to increase the construction, research and troop training speed. Please feel free to share other suggestions or let me know if you have any questions.

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