The Airship can provide many boosts via the Airship Abilities. In this guide we will explain how to develop your Airship and how to benefit from a strong Airship.

Guns of Glory Airship

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Explanation of the Airship in Guns of Glory, including Airship Abilities, how to Assign, Upgrade and Enhance them, how to level up your Airship.

The Basics

As you play you earn EXP for your Airship, and as your Airship increases in level more Airship Abilities will be made available and more Slots to which you can assign Airship Abilities will be unlocked. By assigning Airship Abilities to the Slots you will get boosts for certain activities. Upgrading and Enhancing Airship Abilities increase the values of these boosts.

There are four categories, Attack, Defense, Gathering and Beast, for which you can Assign Airship Abilities. Airship Abilities Assigned to a certain category will only benefit when your Airship is used for that activity.

Assigning Airship Abilities

If you want to assign a Airship Ability to one of the available Slots, go to the Airship Dock Building. Select the Airship Dock and select Airship Abilities. Click on the Assign Abilities button. Now you are in the Assign Abilities window. Here you can select one of the four Categories via the tabs at the top, next you select a Ability, and it will be assigned to one of the open Slots. If you want to remove an assigned Airship Ability, select it from the Assigned Slots and click Remove.

Note that some of the Airship Abilities can be assigned to more than one category. E.g. Beast of Burden (increasing the resources your troops can carry), can be used both for the Attack and Gathering category.

For the locked slots the number on the slot indicated the Airship Level you should achieve before it is unlocked. It will be quite easy to get 4 slots open, but notice no slot will be opened at level 25, two slots will be opened at level 30, so it will be important to reach Airship level 30.

Upgrading Airship Abilities

Airship Abilities can be Enhanced and Upgraded, both improving the effect of the Airship Ability. In this section we explain how to Upgrade a Airship Ability. If you go to the Airship Abilities menu in the Airship Dock, you see an overview of all your Airship Abilities separated in two categories, Assault and Guardian. The general idea is that the Assault Airship Abilities are more directly related to attack.

When you select one of the Airship Abilities you will open a detail window showing information about the current rank and what is required to upgrade. The requirements are a Airship Level and either Guardian or Assault points (based on the type of Airship Abilities). The required points increase for each Airship Ability Level, while upgrading your Airship Lair gives a reduction in the points cost. The rewards for the upgrade are an increase in power and an improvement in the boost. If you meet the requirements you can upgrade the Airship Ability by clicking the Upgrade button in the detail window.

If you are no longer using a Airship Ability you have used you can use the Reset Ability button to reset it and get the Assault or Guardian Components back, but this costs a Airship Ability Reset item (in the Alliance store you can purchase both reset items for one Airship Ability and for all Airhsip Abilities).

Assault and Guardian Components are relatively easy to come by, you get them with your standard activities like gathering resources (Guardian) and Attacking Beasts (Assault).

Enhancing Airship Abilities

Airship Abilities can be Enhanced and Upgraded, both improving the effect of the Airship Ability. In this section we explain how to Enhance an Airship Ability.

If you go to the Airship Dock you can select the Enhance Abilities menu, which will lead you to the Enhance Abilities window. You can switch between Assault and Guardian Abilities by clicking on the corresponding Tab. You can select any of the Abilities and click on the Enhance button to Enhance the Ability to the next level.

To Enhance Airship Abilities you need Intensity Gears, and unlike the Assault and Guardian points you need for upgrading Airship Abilities, the Intensity Gears are hard to come by. Intensity Gear I is still quite ok, seem to have quite some, don't really know how I got them. I got a few II and III from seasonal event rewards, and IV shows up quite regularly as an option in Market Stall for either wood or gold. However, since you need 10 Intensity Gear for each star (you need 10 x Intensity Gear (I) to Enhance a Airship Ability to 1 star, 10 x Intensity Gear (II) to Enhance a Airship Ability to 2 stars, and so on). You can Synthesize 8 Intensity Gear to one of one level higher in your Items.

Enhancing seems a lot more expensive than upgrading, but is not necessarily giving you much more benefit. I will give an example. I have a March of Fury Airship Ability upgraded to level 8, which gives me a March Capacity boost, 6000. My March Capacity without the Airship Ability is 54,500, so the increase of the March of Fury Airship Ability is quite significant. I enhanced this March of Fury to 1 star, and this only gave me an additional 240 (4% of 6000) March Capacity increase.

Enhancing to 2 stars is already quite tough and will give a total bonus of 11% of 6000 (660), which I find somewhat disappointing for the difficulty.

If you are no longer using a Airship Ability you have used you can use the Reset button to reset it and get the Intensity Crystals back, but this costs an Airship Ability Enhancement Reset item. Not sure where you can get this, but when you don't have any it costs 500 gold. According to the documentation it will also be reset when you have reset the Airship Abilities themselves.

Using your Airship

The boosts will only apply if you use your Airship for the activity. So if you have equipped Abilities to improve your gathering speed, these only benefit the march the Airship joins. If your base is attacked and your Airship is out on a march, your base will not benefit from the Airship defense boosts.

Specializing your Airship

When you click on the Airship Details in the Airship Dock you can see information about your Airship and Airship Abilities, including the type of Airship. When your Airship is at home you can change its specialization, either focusing more on Gathering, more on Attack, or leaving it balanced which will help you get more Assault and Guardian points.

The amount of the boost you can get from specializing your Airship depends on the EXP level of your Airship.

Resetting your Airship for Specific Tasks

There are items available in the Alliance Store for resetting one Airship Ability (Airship Ability Reset) and resetting all Airship Abilities (Airship Abilities Reset). These are quite cheap and can make it attractive to reset your Airship Abilities for specific activities. Common change could be to switch from having your assault points from helping you with combat against players to having your assault points help you attack beasts and other engine opposition, for example for the Kingdom Threat. Once you have a large amount of assault points the benefit you can get from resetting your Airship Abilities can be quite large.

Upgrading your Airship

You get Airship EXP from all kind of game activities. Just make sure you actively play (the documentation claims you do not even have to use your Airship to get Airship EXP), and your Airship will level up. Also pay attention to your items to see if you have Airship EXP items. Once your Airship upgrades a level pay attention to whether new interesting Airship Abilities have become available and/or new Slots have opened up. Also regularly check if you have enough Assault or Guardian Power Points to upgrade your favorite Airship Abilities further.


The Airship is a nice concept in Guns of Glory. Chosing the right Airship Abilities and focusing on upgrading these can give you significant benefit, but Enhancing Airship Abilities is costly and only becomes interesting once you reach a high level/many stars.

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