This article explains how you can acquire the Airship Parts in Guns of Glory without spending money, and how you can improve them.

Guns of Glory Airship Parts

07/18/2018 - -

Detailed explanation of the new Airship Parts that were introduced in update 2.0.0.

What are Airship Parts?

Airship Parts were introduced in update v2.0.0 and can be seen as Gemstones for the Airship Abilites. These Airship Parts provide your Airship Abilities with extra combat boosts. In the Airship Dock - Assign Abilities menu you can assign Airship Parts to Airship Ability slots and you can access the Parts Armory.

Different Types of Airship Parts

Like with Gemstones there are different shaped Airship Parts slots for the Airship Ability slots that each correspond to a different Airship Part type. The types are Cannon/Triangle that give Infantry/Cavalry/Distance Attack boosts, Shielding/Hexagon that give Infantry/Cavalry/Distance Defense boosts, Bearings/Pentagon that give Infantry/Cavalry/Distance Health boosts and Core/Round that give Troop Attack/Defense/Health boosts.

Note that these slots are not linked to Airship Abilities, but Airship Ability Slots, so once you have assigned an Airship Part to the first Attack Airship Ability Slot, it also is effective for the first Defense, Beast and Gather Airship Ability.

Boost Activation

A typical Airship part has three different boosts and whether these boosts are active depends on the Airship Ability in the corresponding airship slot. For Bronze Airship parts the boosts are active at Airship Ability level 1, 5 and 10, for Silver Airship Parts this is level 5, 10, and 15, and for Gold, Rare Gold and Epic Gold this is levels 10, 15 and 20. This is something to pay attention to in general, if not all your Airship Abilities have the desired level, you might decide to assign the highest level Airship Abilities to the slots that have the most important Airship Parts for you (e.g. those providing attack boosts).

Also consider this when for example temporarily resetting Airship Abilities to focus on beast/pve combat, in that case you might only have a few Airship Abilities that you max out (e.g. March of Fury, Distance Rage, Cavalry Rage, Artillery Rage), and it is important to have those in the "attack slots".

Different Grade of Airship Parts

There are 5 Grades of Airship Parts (each of them have 4 different Airship Parts of each of the above explained types): Bronze/Green, Silver/Blue, Gold/Purple, Rare Gold/Orange and Epic Gold/Gold.

These grades have a higher maximum level they can be enhanced to: Bronze/Green can be Enhanced to level 2 max, this is increased by one level for each grade until Epic Gold/Gold that can be increased to level 6 max.

Of course the better the grade, the higher the boosts at the maximum level.

Enhancing Airship Parts

In the Emblem Armory (which can be accessed via the Airship Dock - Assign Abilities menu) you see an overview of all your Airship Parts and you can Enhance your Airship Parts to the next level. To enhance an Airship Part you need items which you can only acquire by converting other Airship Parts in the special Parts Armory Crucible. This can be done by clicking the Plus button next the credit amount at the left top, or the Get More button next to the required item amount at the left bottom.

The amount of required points seem to be setup in a different way as the crests in the sense that for example if you have one level 1 Bronze Airship Part and convert two more level 1 Bronze Airship Parts to items, you do not have enough points to enhance the first one to level 2. You only have 20 points and you need 90.

Acquiring Airship Parts

At this point I only know of two ways to get Airship Parts. One is to purchase in specify packs, the other is via the Catacombs Trader. In the Catacombs Trader you can purchase full Airship Parts of the two lowest grades (Bronze/Green and Silver/Blue) and Raw Airship Parts Fragments for the next grade, (Gold/Purple).

You can only purchase one of each of the complete Bronze Airship Parts every 7 days, one of each of the complete Silver Airship Parts every 21 days, and a set of 9 Raw Gold Airship Part Fragments every 2 days.


I am not sure whether the game actually needed yet another way to get combat boosts, but since they have introduced it anyway, I am happy that it is still relatively easy to get these boosts without spending money.

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