This article gives an explanation of the different ways to increase your March Capacity in Guns of Glory. It both deals with absolute increase in March Capacity as well as with the percentage increases.

Guns of Glory How to Increase March Capacity

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Explanation of all the different ways to increase your March Capacity.

Scope of this Article

We will have a look at each category in which you can get March Capacity and March Capacity Increase boosts and explain how you can acquire these.


By far the largest part of the March Capacity is determined by your Castle Level. This does not mean you should not focus on anything else, but if you reach to the maximum of lvl 40 Stronghold, the March Capacity from this alone will already be 170,000.

The increase per Castle level starts at 2000 and increases every 5 levels with another 500, until it reaches 4,500 which remains to be the increment from levels 26 until 35. After that it makes a jump, for the last 5 levels you get an increment of 10,000.

At Castle level 31 you also get a March Capacity Increase of 10%, which is not increasing further for higher levels.


Combat contains 4 research projects that can provide a March Capacity boost of 10,000 each. Combat II contains two research projects that also provide a March Capacity boost of 10,000 each, so research can provide you with the nice extra March Capacity of 60,000.

Talent Points

Lord Talent points in War allows you to increase your March Capacity with 15,000 in total divided over 3 projects of 5,000 each.

In addition the War tree contains the Colossal March talent with gives you a 10% March Capacity Increase (for 30 minutes).

Airship Abilities

The March of Fury Airship Ability allows you to increase your March Capacity.

Thanks to a contributor I can now present more complete data. It is possible to upgrade March of Fury to lvl 31 and there is a wonder that ads an extra level to Airship Abilities, making it lvl 32, with 32,000 March Capacity. It is possible to enhance to at least 7 stars ((more might be possible not sure), providing an additional 69%, totalling 54,080 March Capacity.


There are two Strategists, Madame Lannoy and Jules Mazarin, who give a March Capacity boost. The 4 Star boost of the Epic Jules Mazarin of 25,000 is higher, but the 4 Star boost of the Rare Madame Lannoy is easier to attain.


The Commanders Horn gives a 15% March Capacity Increase. You can purchase this for 2000 gold, it is active for 1 day.


There is an item in the gold store that increase your March Capacity with 25% for 12 hours for 1500 gold. There is a similar item that provides the same boost for only 2 hours. I don't think you can purchase it in any shop, but it comes as a possible reward for seasonal events.

In the Auction House it is possible to bid on 3 12h Colossal March Capacity items that provide a 50% increase for 12 hours. I have seen winning bids for these items ranging from 25k to 60k gold.


If you subscribe you get an extra March Capacity of 1000.


See in table below a breakdown of the above discussed ways to get March Capacity bonus.

Category Absolute Percentage Remark
Buildings 170,000 10.0%
Research 60,000
Lord Talent Points 15,000 10%
Airship Abilities 54,080 This value is for March of Fury lvl 32 with 7 stars, enhancing to more stars might be possible
Guards 25,000
Wonders 15% Might be others that provide higher boosts
Items 50% The Colossal March items are difficult to attain, as far as I know only via high bid in Auction House, a 25% boost item is much cheaper in gold store.
Subscription 1000
Total 325,080 85.0% Providing a total March Capacity of 469,580 (325,080 + 85% of 170,000)


For some reason that is not quite clear to me the March Capacity Increase boost only works on your Castle March Capacity, probably this is the same for other ways in which you can increase the March Capacity with a percentage.

For example if like me you have Castle 30 (97,500), Madame Lannoy 4 Star (23,000), 35,000 from Research and 26,270 from your March of Fury, using a 25% March Capacity item does not get you from 181,770 to 227,212 but only to 206,145.


I hope this helps in working towards a high march capacity, very important when attacking players, performing well in Magic Spire, the various PvE events, and the respective Merlin Trials. In addition it should give you an explanation how some players get those huge March Capacities.

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