Each day you can complete Daily Missions to get some goodies. Typically you will find if you actively play you already score quite some points and it will just be a little extra effort to score enough points to win the highest prize. This guide contains a description of all activities you can score points for for the daily missions prize targets.

Infinite Galaxy - Daily Missions

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Explanation of Daily Missions in Infinite Galaxy, going through all daily missions explaining imporance, and discussing the rewards.

There is a Daily Mission tab in the Missions menu, where you can see the points you can still get for each activity and where you can claim your prizes.

Note that you can get quite a lot more points than you need to get all rewards, so there is no need to do all of the actions (but realize a lot of them have great benefits and you should do irrespective of whether you need the points for Daily Missions or not).

Alliance Help 20 Times

Providing Helps for your alliance members (via the shaking hands icon at the bottom left of your screen) is something you always need to do anyway. I f you are in a large active alliance it should be no problem to score maximum points by providing 20 Helps, especially early on in the game. Later on when timers start to be very large this might become an issue.

Donate to Alliance Tech 15 Times

You can Donate to Alliance Tech via the Alliance - Alliance Tech menu. You should do this anyway to make your alliance stronger and get credits for the Alliance Store. Donate 15 times to score maximum points, but keep donating (for resources) whenever you can.

Recruit Crew 1 Times

Normally you get enough Spaceport Prestige Points to be able to recruit new crew each day. If for some reason you feel you might be low, just don't use the max amount each day, save it up so you can use 1 Recruit a day, if you need the points.

Defeat Space Pirates 3 Times

You should kill many more than 3 Marauders a day, which you can do by clicking the blue radar item at the right top of your Star System map. Ideally your energy bar is never full, hit Marauders when it gets close.

Defeat the Tactical Training Base 2 Times

Solo attack this 2 times to get the rewards.

Rally Attack the Campaign Simulation Center 1 Times

This one is a bit tougher to do daily, because it requires you to rally, meaning you need someone else to join you. Ideally you have someone in your alliance you rally with, maybe you check in at around the same time in the morning and set a couple of rallies together. This will get you the points, but doing this is important anyway because of the rewards you get, which help with yout flagships.

Complete Explore 5 Times

The galaxy seems massice so I expect it won't be an issue for a very long time to do 5 Explores daily.

Complete Investigate or Prospect 3 Times

There are plenty of Star Systems that can be Explored and Investigate tasks that can be executed. Keep going at this daily, because you also get many rewards for it.

Repair Warships 1 Times

For pve battles your warships don't get completely destroyed, but need repair. If you don't have any ships to repair, make sure you do a tougher battle that you might not even win, just to get few warships you can repair for the dailies.

Individual Gathers Any Resource to Reach 25,000

Gather with your fleet on gathering nodes. You need to do this anyway, as you won't have enough gathering energy to keep gathering on the Planet Resource Production Centers.

Gather Resources on Planets 1 Times

Gather with your fleet on Planet Resource Production Centers. This is the preferred way of gathering resources, it is faster than on gathering nodes, but unfortunately it requires gathering energy, so eventually you will have to do some gathering on the gathering nodes as well.

Upgrade Building 1 Times

Upgrade any building to get maximum points. As long as your building upgrades do not take more than one day yet, this should be very easy as you should build with two queues 24/7.

Buy Items in the Alliance Shop 1 Times

In the Alliance Store (via the Alliance menu) you can purchase items for the Alliance Credits you get from donating to alliance tech (and from some events). Most actions on this list have an additional benefit and it is good to do them anyway, but this one does not. Only do this when you really need the points to reach the maximum, or when you were planning to purchase something from the Alliance Store anyway.

Upgrade Tech 1 Times

You can score maximum points by just doing one research project level in the Research Center. This should be easy early on, as you should be researching 24/7, but will be harder as the timers become longer than 24 hours.

Complete Building 2 Cruisers/6 Destroyers/20 Frigates

You should always be building ships, and make sure to build of each type to get all points. It could be that at a later stage in the game building a full queue of ships takes more than 24 hours, if that is the case, make sure you limit the amount to 24 hours and start it again each day.

Manufacture 1 Pieces of Gear

In the Outfitting Factory Manufacture one piece. This is also something I suggest you only do if you planned to do this anyway, or if you need the points, otherwise there is no direct benefit.


There are a total of 6 prize levels. All rewards are always welcome, but the most interesting is the Secret Prototype Device that you get at the highest point level. This has a chance of having flagship blueprints.


Since you do a lot of the Daily Mission activities anyway, it is good to pay attention to this. A little effort can provide you with some nice extra rewards.

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