Placing outfitting on your Flagship provides extra boosts to the warships in your fleet. This guide explains all the basics about flagship outfitting.

Infinite Galaxy - Flagship Outfitting

06/06/2021 - -

Flagship Outfitting for Infinite Galaxy.

Outfitting Type, Grade and Level

There are two main types of Outfitting, Attack and Defense. The flagship has specific slots for Attack and Defense Outfitting. Each Type has subtypes. For Attack there are Kinetic, Missile and Laser Outfitting. For Defense there are Armor Shield and HP outfitting.

Of each (sub)type there are 4 Grades of Outfitting, Green, Blue, Purple and Golden. The order is in increasing strength, but the better they are the harder it is also to get the ingredients to make and upgrade them.

You can upgrade your Outfitting to improve its benefit. The maximum level you can upgrade to is determined by how far you have upgraded your Outfitting Factory building, with a maximum of level 11 when your Outfitting Factory is lvl 30.

Getting Blueprints and Materials

To craft and upgrade Outfitting you need Blueprints (except for the Green outfitting) and Materials. In my experience the lower level requirements (materials for Green and blueprints and materials for Blue) are quite easy to come by via regular game play (e.g. killing pirates, events). The purple and Golden are harder, I imagine they just require more time.

Manufacturing Outfitting

In the Outfitting Factory you can manufacture new Outfitting. Select the outfitting you want to make in the left menu, and click on the Manufacture button on the right bottom.

Equipping Outfitting

In the Flagship building you can select a Flagship in the left menu, and select an Outfitting Slot in the right bottom. Now all your Outfitting will show up on the left and you can select one and click Equip (or Replace if there was already another Outfitting in the slot).

There are two rows of Outfitting Slots. The top row is for Attack Outfitting, the bottom row for Defense Outfitting. You can only equip the corresponding type. You will see all Outfitting, but the ones you cannot use for the slot are Grey.

The available Outfitting Slots can be increased by ranking up your Flagship. Ranking up your flagship has a lot of other benefits as well, so if you have the chance you should do it anyway, but this is a very nice additional benefit.

Upgrading Outfitting

You can Upgrade Outfitting from the Flagship overview, select the Flagship, select the Outfitting and click Upgrade, or from the Outfitting Depot building, which provides an overview of all your Outfitting, where you can select the Outfitting and click Upgrade as well.

For Upgrading Outfitting you need blueprints (except for Green outfitting) and materials. Note that for Outfitting upgrade you need special Upgrade Blueprints. So for Upgrading a Purple Kinetic Weapon Outfitting, you do not need the Blueprint Kinetic Energy Cannon, but you need Outfitting Upgrade Blueprints. You can convert any blueprint of a certain grade to Outfitting Upgrade Blueprints of that grade. This can be done if you select an outfitting and click upgrade, you can click on the required blueprints, and click exchange icon at the right top of the dialog that pops up. In the Exchange dialog that shows up you can select any of your existing blueprints and click Exchange.

Breaking Down Outfitting

If you don't need an Outfitting anymore you can break them down. This can be done from the Outfitting Depot, select the Outfitting and click Breakdown. This costs some khorium. I think you get all materials you have used in return and also all blueprints with one exception, the initial blueprint you used is converted to an upgrade blueprint. This isn't really an issue in my eyes, because the weapon/defense type specific blueprints are much easier to come by than the upgrade blueprints, but this does make the breakdown process irreversiable.

What Outfitting to Focus on

Best to look at what warships are in your fleet and make sure you have outfitting that complements their strength. This is easy for attack if you have for example a fleet with 75% tier 5 cruisers, you want attack outfitting that provide a kinetic weapon boost. For defense it is not so clear to me. So far I decided to have a mix, some HP, some Armor, some Shield.

Campaign vs Regular Combat Benefits

For regular combat I look more at what the benefits are for my warships. At the moment I work with Hercules, which has a Missile Weapon itself, but for general combat my Outfitting are for either Laser or Kinetic depending on which Cruiser tier I use. For Campaign I assume it is better to have Outfittings that complement the main weapon from the Flagship.


Don't just go for the highest Grade you can get (e.g. Purple or Golden), but look at the benefits of the highest level you can upgrade to. Blue lvl 7 is for example much better than Purple lvl 2.

Don't forget to upgrade your Outfitting Factory when it means you can upgrade your Outfitting to a higher level. Getting all outfitting to lvl 8 instead of 7 gives you a significant advantage.

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