There is a regular Galaxy Star Event that you can focus on to get rewards. This guide deals with information relevant for winning the Kill Pirates Stage of the Galaxy Star Event.

Infinite Galaxy - Galaxy Star - Kill Pirates

05/24/2021 - -

Kill Pirates stage of Galaxy Star. Explanation and tips.

How to Kill Pirates

Each Star System contains a seemingly unlimited amount of Pirates. You can activate the radar screen via the button at the top right of your Star System view and select your desired level of pirates from the Small Marauders menu.


Points are acquired based on the level of the Pirates. Each level higher gives more points and the increase in points per level increases as well.

Note that in the outer ring the pirates have a maximum level of 17, so if you are strong enough for high level pirates, you should make sure to be located in the inner ring or even in AGN.

Ability to Kill High Level Pirates

There is not one easy way to kill high level pirates. You have to keep working on all aspects of your account, improve your flagship, get higher tier warships, improve crew, research, etc. This is in general very important.

Energy Recovery

Kill pirates costs 100 Energy. This energy rechanges slowly. There are a few ways to increase this energy recharge rate.

There are two Energy Recovery projects in the Development research category. The first one is low level, so should be relatively easy to max out.

Starting at VIP 1 you get 10% Energy Recovery, this increases to 20% at VIP 7, 30% at VIP 10 and 40% at VIP 15.

There might be better crew providing Energy Recovery boost, but the only one I have is Tachibana Sugaya Risako. She provides 4.5% Energy Recovery at rank 5. I have her in my gathering crew because of the green talent points (17 at EXP lvl 8) and of course because of this energy recovery talent.

There are 200 and 500 point Revitalizer items. I got quite some of them, probably from rewards. You can also purchase them in shops sometimes. It might be tempted to use up all of them to rank high in this event, but do consider when the next Archean Ghost Ship event will be, because normally you will also need some revitalizer items for that event.

Beginner's Tips

Make sure you start saving up your Energy so that you can start the event with a full Energy bar (1000).

Start killing the highest possible level pirates when the event starts. Normally I find killing pirates go too slow and use two or even three fleets to do so, but my second and third fleet can kill only lower level pirates, which makes a big difference in points, so if you have the time, only hit with your main fleet.

Let your energy regenerate and make sure you kill pirates again before it reaches 1000.

Consider using revitalizer items, but make sure you have plenty left.

Make sure you use up all your energy again just before the event ends.


The point rewards should actually be very easy to get, especially with tips above. The stage ranking rewards are ok for the top few players (khorium, speed ups, titanium and deuterium), but not so special. If you have as an aim just doing well at this stage, I wouldn't go through too much trouble.

If your aim is to well in the overall Galaxy Star event, doing well in this stage is worth it and can help you with the push to get into the top 30 overall and get some of those Titan blueprints.

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