All information relating to the Dragon Spirit Equipment event in King of Avalon, such as rebels, gifts, materials and tiles associated with this event.
Name Dragon Spirit Equipment
Gear Set(s) Basic Dragon Spirit, Fierce Dragon Spirit, Gallant Dragon Spirit, Heroic Dragon Spirit, Justice Dragon Spirit, Magus Dragon Spirit, Noble Dragon Spirit, Rugged Dragon Spirit, Savage Dragon Spirit, Shaman Dragon Spirit, Sorcerer Dragon Spirit, Warlock Dragon Spirit, Wild Dragon Spirit
Gear Armor of Justice, Basic Dagger, Basic Leather Cuffs, Basic Leggings, Basic Mail Coif, Basic Tunic, Basic Winged Spear, Fierce Battle Axe, Fierce Belt, Fierce Cloak, Fierce Flail, Fierce Greaves, Fierce Helm, Gallant Breastplate, Gallant Gauntlets, Gallant Helm, Gallant Leg Plate, Gallant Shield, Gallant Sword, Gloves of Justice, Greaves of Justice, Helm of Justice, Heroic Breastplate, Heroic Gauntlets, Heroic Helm, Heroic Leg Plate, Heroic Shield, Heroic Sword, Magus Collar, Magus Leggings, Magus Mantle, Magus Mask, Magus Staff, Magus Throwing Knives, Noble Breastplate, Noble Gauntlets, Noble Helm, Noble Leg Plate, Noble Shield, Noble Sword, Rugged Bearskin, Rugged Helm, Rugged Leather Belt, Rugged Leg Mail, Rugged Morning Star, Rugger Throwing Axe, Savage Bearskin, Savage Helm, Savage Leather Belt, Savage Leg Mail, Savage Morning Star, Savage Throwing Axe, Shaman Cloak, Shaman Leather Pants, Shaman Mask, Shaman Scepter, Shaman Throwing Knives, Shaman Torc, Shield of Justice, Sorcerer Cloak, Sorcerer Leather Pants, Sorcerer Mask, Sorcerer Scepter, Sorcerer Throwing Knives, Sorcerer Torc, Sword of Justice, Warlock Cloak, Warlock Leather Pants, Warlock Mask, Warlock Scepter, Warlock Throwing Knives, Warlock Torc, Wild Bearskin, Wild Helm, Wild Leather Belt, Wild Leg Mail, Wild Morning Star, Wild Throwing Axe

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