In the Tavern you can visit the Fortune Teller which provides you some random prizes for your knucklebone, including a Tarot Reading.

King of Avalon Turning all Tarot Cards

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Turning all the Tarot Cards at the Fortune Teller.

Fortune Teller

In the Tavern building, located near the Docks where the Merlin gift arrives, there is a Fortune Teller menu. Here you can do one free spin on the Fortune Teller wheel each day, additional spins cost 4 knucklebone.

The Fortune Teller spins can result in winning some resources, knucklebone, rune stone, speed up or a Tarot Card Reading.

Tarot Reading

The Tarot Reading shows a 3x3 grid with prizes. You can turn cards one by one with incremental cost (first card for free, second card 1 rune stone, third card 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, so a total of 255 rune stones to turn all).

The prizes are not random, the best prize (highlighted in the first screen), will as far as I know always come last.

In my judgment it is better to save up on rune stones (not even spend the 1 or 3 you might need to actually get a prize, because your first or first two turns are multipliers), until you have 255, so that you can actually get a nice prize.

Some of the top prizes include 2000 gold and a Purple Scroll fragment.

If you can wait I recommend to spend the rune stones (and knucklebone) while the Fortune Teller stage of the Alliance Event is active, so that you can score lots of points for your alliance.


I hope this helps you understand the Fortune Teller and Tarot Reading better. Feel free to share any questions or tips.

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