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Deathseeker Equipment Set Added
September 30, 2017

The game update 3.6.0 contains a new Equipment Set, Deathseeker, an improvement over the Dragon Tamer set. See our gear set details page, or our gear comparison tool for details.

See: Deathseeker Equipment Set for King of Avalon

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Merlin's Trials Guide Added
September 29, 2017

We just added a guide explaining the new Merlin's Trials feature in King of Avalon.

See: Merlin's Trials Guide for King of Avalon

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Dragon Spirit Expert Guide Updated
September 8, 2017

We added three new videos related to this guide, focussing on maximizing the Satchel Capacity, Combining Warlock and Heroic equipment and reaching Dragon Spirit EXP level 45 and Forbidden Labyrinth floor 55 to get the best Dragon Spirit Equipment.

See: Dragon Spirit Expert Guide for King of Avalon

King of Avalon Prestige Level Icon
Prestige Levels Guide Extended
September 7, 2017

We just added the Prestige Level guides with information about the boost increases at lvl 6, ways to get Prestige Banners, and a video.

See: Prestige Levels Guide for King of Avalon

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Harvest Moon Event Guide Added
September 1, 2017

We added a guide explaining the Harvest Moon Event.

See: Harvest Moon Event Guide for King of Avalon

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