A while ago the Daily Bonus Club was introduced. At first I did not pay too much attention to it as it just seemed yet another way to put more focus on the possibility to buy packs, but this seems to be more, possibly a minor shift in the revenue model.

What Are The Benefits

Daily Bonus Club members receive various benefits.

Sales and Challenges will have extra prizes only available for Daily Bonus Club Members.

Daily Bonus Club members receive Daily scarlet gives including resources and restricted files.

Daily gold with a gold streak that can be a total of 30,000 in a month.

The recently introduced Commander Status Notifications for the Battle Marks are only available for Daily Bonus Members, and I expect there will be more exclusive features in the time to come.

How to Become (and Stay) a Member

You have to buy or renew your membership with a specific renewal pack that costs 100 USD. This needs to be renewed every month.


Although becoming a member of the Daily Bonus Club does offer a lot of benefits, you have to realize you are paying a subscription fee for the game for 100 USD a month. For some players this might not be an issue, as they are already purchasing several 100 USD packs each month anyway, for others it might be wise to reconsider becoming a member of this club, as if you are paying this game for the long run, it will become expensive.

I wrote earlier this game is getting more and more away from its original free to play basics and this Daily Bonus Clubs emphasizes it. The fact that the recent new feature of Commander Status Notifications is only available for Daily Bonus Club members is likely the future of the game, more and more functionality will only be available for paying players.

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