For outside the wall of your base you have the choice of building Farms (for food production), Iron Mines, Oil Wells and Quarries (for stone production). In this guide we will give some considerations as to how many to build of each.

Why Build Them

Why build these? One important factor is that they are all prerequisites for one or more other buildings, so as you upgrade your headquarter and other buildings, you will find that you need to upgrade at least one of each of the farms, iron mines, oil wells and quarries as well. The main other reason to build multiple of them is to let your base take care of part of its own resource requirements for research projects, building upgrades, troop and trap training. You should be aware that there are some restriction for this second part. At lower levels the production rate and capacity are sufficient, but requirements grow faster than production and later on you will find that production will be slow, or more common will stop due to reaching the max capacity, before you have the required amounts to start your next research, construction or training.

Alternative Resource Supply

Because of above indicated restrictions of letting your base take care of its own resource requirements it is good to think early on about an alternative resource supply. There are several ways to get resources. I am not really in favor of being too dependent on external circumstances, so just assuming it will be possible to farm resources does not have my preference, as tilehits might become common in the state. Although it is quite time consuming I like to build my own farms, one for each resource and Banks inside the walls to produce coin. Another way is to join or setup a hyper farming program in your alliance. Both farm accounts and hyper farming are described in other guides.

If you join a hyper farming program, the answer will to how many of each you need to build will be answered for you, e.g. if you are an Oil producer, you will build only one farm, quarry and iron mine, and the rest oil wells.

If your alternative for providing resources is with farm accounts, it will later on be less relevant whether you have any Iron Mines, Oil Wells or Quarries in your main account, as likely you will supply so many resources from your farm accounts to your main that you are not often below your max capacity, so that you will not often produce anyway. In such a situation you might opt to build all food farms so that for as long as possible you will keep producing more food than your troops consume. It is far from impossible to play with a negative food balance, but when you still have daily training, research and/or constructions to start it is for sure an inconvenience if you have negative food balance, as you have no way to stock up.

Back to the Outside Wall Composition

In the scenario that you are going to use farm accounts to take care of your resource production, you might chose to start out with 5 oil wells, 5 iron mines, 5 quarries and rest food farms in your main. This way at the initial stage, when your farms are not producing for your main yet, but rather you need the resources from your farms to grow your farms further, you have some resource production in your main account. At a later stage, when you farm accounts become fully functional, you could decide to replace the oil wells, iron mines and quarries with food farms as well, as your increasing army will demand more and more food. Once upkeep reduction gear is introduced you might be able to keep a positive food balance quite long and if there ever is 100% upkeep reduction possible, like in Game of War, you could even produce serious amounts of food with your main.

If you decide not to plan ahead the 5 oil wells, 5 iron mines, 5 quarries and rest food farms is a good starting point as well.


I hope the above gives you some insights in the considerations about a setup outside the city walls and resource requirements. If you have questions or tips, let me know.

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