Although the power in itself does not have real value, it is often used in game as a measurement and to get or stay in an alliance it might be required to increase your power. In the long run it is just a matter of trying to keep increasing all power categories (building, research, troop, commander, mission, trap), but in the start of the games there are some tricks to achieve a quick power upgrade.

10 Farms, Iron Mines, Quarries, Oil Wells

There are Base Missions associated with the number of Farms, Iron Mines, Quarries and Oil Wells you have, the highest mission for 10. Before building to outside the wall slots full with your preferred configuration you can build 10 of each and destroy 9. Since building time is very fast you can do this without waiting, it is just a lot of clicks. This way you complete the 4 and 10 number of Farms, Iron Mines, Quarries, Oil Wells. I am not exactly sure, but if you increase two to level 5, which might involve a bit of waiting, you also complete an addition Mission for the resource amount production.

10 Banks, Training Grounds, Hospitals

Similar to the above within the Walls you can do the same for Banks, Training Grounds and Hospitals. Build 10 of each and destroy 9 before selecting your preferred configuration.

Train Each Troop and Trap you Unlock

For each troop and trap you unlock there is a Mission to train a certain amount. Look it up in the Base missions and train that amount as a minimum.

Research Projects with High Power/Time Ratio

On this website I look a lot at the power/time ratio of things. A lot of power related to the research time means that research projects are good to use to compete in the Challenges, but also in general good to get a power increase in general. You can look in our Research Category overview to find suitable projects, but in general projects in the Economics tree, especially Troop Load, Gathering and Deployment Speed, have a very high power/time ratio.

Other Tips

If you have other quick power tips, please share!

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