Alliance Throwdown is a recurring weeklong event in which you can compete against other alliances. This guide contains some tips on how to do well.

State of Survival Alliance Throwdown Event

04/13/2020 - -

Explanation of Alliance Throwdown Event, and doing 4 example challenges.

How does it work?

Every player in the alliance can select 7 challenges, and upon completing these challenges the player and the alliance gets points added to their total.

Challenges are selected one by one. You need to have completed one challenge before you can select another.

Each day you have the option to purchase 3 extra challenges for increasing amounts of biocaps (200, 500 and 1000).

There are different challenge types, for example gathering resources, using construction speed ups, increasing troop power, increasing chief gear score. For most of these types there are different variations (more needs to be done, point rewards are higher, and typically also the time you can take to complete is longer).


There are 3 different type of rewards you can get.

The main rewards are the Alliance Points Level Rewards. There are two parts, the basic Rewards are unlocked when the alliance reaches a certain point level, and anyone in the alliance, even someone not participating at all in this event, can claim the rewards. The Advanced Rewards are also unlocked at a alliance point level, but for them to be claimed the player needs to have accumulated a minimum amount of points as well. For the highest tier Alliance Point Level rewards you only need 400 points, which shouldn't be an issue for anyone actively participating in this event.

The other two types are leaderboard rewards. There are some rewards for the top 5 players within an alliance, and for the top 5 alliances in the group (each alliance is grouped together with alliances from other states for this event).


Assuming you are interested to do an effort for your alliance and not just do a minimum to get maximum rewards, I suggest to each day purchase the extra Challenge for 200 biocaps. This gives you a total of 14 challenges, which is still doable. Purchasing more challenges becomes expensive, and it also becomes more difficult to select good Challenges, as you might have already burned through all your speedups etc.

Try to focus on Challenges for which you can get at least 100 points. It is easy to do some resource gathering or slay some infected for few points, but you can do better.

Save up speedups, resources and basically anything you can (e.g. materials for chief gear, Hero Gear Parts), so you can have a variety of Challenges to select from and do well in.

Pay attention to what other events are active, it is often possible to combine, e.g. do a Challenge where you need to spend building speedups, while there is another event active where you get rewards for increasing your building power.

If your 30 day VIP renewal is coming up, select the spend 10k biocaps challenge.


There are different tiers of this event. Your alliance is grouped together with other alliances in the same tier. The three alliances the perform best in the group make a promotion to the next tier for the next occurence of the event. You can see this in the Alliance Leaderboard ranking. I haven't done any comparison, but assume the rewards get better. It seems there is no possibility to relegate back to a lower tier.


I hope these tips make it easy to do well in the Alliance Throwdown event. If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

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