Regular Troops
Name Tier Type
Lv1 Infantry Tier 1 Infantry
Lv1 Vehicle Tier 1 Vehicle
Lv1 Artillery Tier 1 Artillery
Lv1 Operative Tier 1 Operative
Lv2 Infantry Tier 2 Infantry
Lv2 Vehicle Tier 2 Vehicle
Lv2 Artillery Tier 2 Artillery
Lv2 Operative Tier 2 Operative
Lv3 Infantry Tier 3 Infantry
Lv3 Vehicle Tier 3 Vehicle
Lv3 Artillery Tier 3 Artillery
Lv3 Operative Tier 3 Operative
Lv4 Infantry Tier 4 Infantry
Lv4 Vehicle Tier 4 Vehicle
Lv4 Artillery Tier 4 Artillery
Lv4 Operative Tier 4 Operative

Use the Troop Training Calculator to plan your troop training.

Troops Strengths/Weakness Matrix

Attacking Against
Category Type Vehicle Artillery Operative Wall Defenses
Regular Troops Operative Weak Weak Normal Strong

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