Regular Troops
Name Tier Type
Lv1 Infantry Tier 1 Infantry
Lv1 Vehicle Tier 1 Vehicle
Lv1 Artillery Tier 1 Artillery
Lv1 Operative Tier 1 Operative
Lv2 Infantry Tier 2 Infantry
Lv2 Vehicle Tier 2 Vehicle
Lv2 Artillery Tier 2 Artillery
Lv2 Operative Tier 2 Operative
Lv3 Infantry Tier 3 Infantry
Lv3 Vehicle Tier 3 Vehicle
Lv3 Artillery Tier 3 Artillery
Lv3 Operative Tier 3 Operative
Lv4 Infantry Tier 4 Infantry
Lv4 Vehicle Tier 4 Vehicle
Lv4 Artillery Tier 4 Artillery
Lv4 Operative Tier 4 Operative

Use the Troop Training Calculator to plan your troop training.

Troops Strengths/Weakness Matrix

Attacking Against
Category Type Infantry Vehicle Artillery Operative Wall Defenses
Regular Troops Infantry Normal Weak Strong Strong Weak
Regular Troops Vehicle Strong Normal Weak Strong Weak
Regular Troops Artillery Weak Strong Normal Strong Weak
Regular Troops Operative Weak Weak Weak Normal Strong

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