This guide provides tips on getting resources in Infinite Galaxy.

Infinite Galaxy - Getting Resources

04/23/2021 - -

Explaining different ways of getting resources with tips.

Why You Need Resources?

Well, in case you haven't figured it out yet, you need resources for many of the important ways to improve your account. Most notably you will want to construct your spaceport, do research, and build warships 24/7, and that requires a lot of resources.

I'll discuss some different ways to get resources with some tips.

Planet Gathering

There are two different ways of Gathering resources in this game. They are completely different, boosts to speed up one of them have no effect on the other. In this section I will handle planet gathering, which is the better way of the two, but unfortunately you have a daily amount of planet gathering energy available, so you will have to resort to the regular gathering as well.

Besides the daily limit of planet gathering energy, there is another restriction, you can only gather on planets that are already part of your alliance territory. I will not get into the details of the process of getting a planet in your alliance territory here, if you start to need resources and your alliance hasn't gotten several planets yet, you are likely in a small inactive alliance and it is better to make a switch. When looking at the profile of other alliances, you can already see the size of their alliance territory, pick one out that is large and apply.

For Planet Gathering you go to the menu Alliance - Alliance Territory and select the Planet Development tab. Here you see the list of star systems occupied by your alliance. The lvl of the star system influences the basic planet gathering rate, try to select a higher level planet. In the overview you can see if the planet is already occupied, select one that is not, of the resources you are interested in, click the Go button and click Gather and Launch your preferred fleet.

There are some factors that influence how much you will gather from a planet. Research, crew skills, crew skill point projects, core skill projects and flagship skills can influence the Planet Output. This increases the amount of resources you get hourly. The troop load is influenced by your fleet composition, research, crew skills, crew skill point projects, core skill projects and flagship skills. The troop load influences how long you much resources you can carry, so how long you can do the planet gathering. This can help gathering longer on planets, making more use of the limited planet gather energy and keep gathering if you are offline for longer time.

Notice that the basic troop load of warships is not the same. I have currently only unlocked tier 1-4 warships, but there are quite some differences. Frigates range from 44 to 50 troop load per leadership point, Cruisers from 30 to 35 troop load per leadership point, and destroyers from 49 to 83 troop load per leadership point. Especially the t2 destroyer with leadership of 10 and troop load of 837 seems especially suitable for a planet gathering fleet.

I am not exactly sure of how the energy cost for planet gathering is determined, but it does seem to be influenced by the number of warships in your gather fleet.

Gathering on Nodes

If you cannot gather on planets and don't have time or already used up all energy for other ways of getting resources, gathering is the alternative. It is quite slow, but you can do it while off line. In your Star System map you go to the radar icon at the left top and click on your preferred resource type. The higher level is better as it contains more resources. Do pay attention when you select it if it is still full, could be that someone else gathered on it and left a partial mine behind. Last thing you want is that you go offline and send your troops out gathering only to find out after some hours that your troops returned within minutes because the mine was already almost empty.

The gathering boost can be influenced by command center level, research, crew skills, crew skill point projects, core skill projects and flagship skills. In addition there are also items in the shop (you might already have some in your Depot) that temporarily increase the gathering speed.

After playing less than a week you are likely to already have enough troop load in your fleet to completely deplete a resource node in one gather session.

Note that enemies can hit you on these resource nodes, so do not do this during kill event or when you are at war.

Which Fleets and Resources to use for Planet Gathering

You probably have at least two fleets and you need at least two resources, so you might have the question of which fleet to use for planet gathering, and which resource to use.

I use a fleet with my Jason Flagship and Amagi Misago captain for planet gathering. This captain has a captain skill that increases the Titanium and Deuterium output from planet gatherinhg. Jason has a skill that increases the Load Boost. Jason also has a skill that increases the general gathering speed, which is of no use on planets, so that is a drawback.

For which resource to planet gather there are two ways to look at this. You can decide which resource you are lowest on and need most you will gather on planet, but I prefer to look at how my planet gathering rates compare to node gathering rates. Have a look at your profile - Spaceport Details - Development boosts. For me at the moment Titanium and Deuterium Gathering rates are almost the same, 153 and 151%, while the Titanium Output in Planet Development is significantly higher than my Deuterium Output Bonus in Planet Development (70% vs 40%). Based on these numbers I prefer to use my planet development for Deuterium, and gather Titanium with my other fleet.

Killing Marauders

Don't underestimate how much resources you get from killing Marauders. I am currently killing lvl 15 Marauders which provides me with 45k ( 15x3k, each seems very every level you get one extra 3k ) of Titanium or Deuterium (or a corresponding amount of Nickel or Plasma).

In comparison to regular gathering, at this moment it takes me about 3 1/2 hour to gather a 180,000 Titanium or Deuterium node. Hitting 10 Marauders takes me around 20 minutes, and provides me with 450,0000 resources. So make sure you don't let your energy go to waste (and realize that increasing your Energy Recovery rate is a worthwhile investment).


Prospecting provides you with 15k Titanium or Deuterium. Something you should also do daily. Investigating also gives good rewards, not always resources, so also do that. Most important thing is to finish your Explore Energy daily.

Alliance Territory Tax

Maybe not the largest amount of resources, but you can claim this for free from the Alliance menu daily. Make sure you are in a big alliance and help your alliance grow, free resources are always useful.

Daily Missions

I have written a separate guide on why the Daily Missions are so important, make sure to work on them. Not the most important part of the Daily Missions are the resources, but you still get quite some: 145k Titanium and Deuterium, 29k Nickel, 14.5k Plasma (these are the amounts I get at Command Center lvl 14, not sure whether this changes).

Develop Missions

These you don't do just for the resources, but it is nice you get those extra resources. Make sure to only claim these once you need them for an upgrade or research project. As long as they are unclaimed they are safe.

Tactical Training Base and Campaign Simulation Center

There are other reasons to do these daily, but they do give some extra resources daily as well.


Keep an eye on any events (from the icon at the top of your screen) you can participate in, these often give good rewards, including resources. Also the events from the Event menu at the bottom of your screen can provide resources as rewards.

Farm Accounts

I haven't set up a farm account yet, but this is something used in many similar games by many players. The idea is you build a second (and possibly 3rd, 4th, 5th,...) account whose sole purpose is to provide resources for your main account. On this account you can also use all above ways to get resources and when your main account needs them, you can attack the farm account to transfer the resources to your main.

Attack Other Players

I am not in favor of attacking other players to get resources. I prefer to be in a peaceful galaxy and only fight during events. I am not a big spender, so playing in a very aggressive galaxy will mean I will get attacked many times as well and it will limit my growth. Still, it is a war game and taking resources from other players is an option.

Purchasing Resources with Khorium or Money

If you are a spender this can for sure help you grow faster, but I prefer to spend both my khorium and real money on items that are harder to get via regular game play.

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