Inside the Walls in your City there are a variety of Buildings you can build and upgrade. In this guide we will explain the function of several buildings that have to do with the defense of your city, the Wall, Trap Factory and Watchtower.

King of Avalon City Buildings Guide Part II

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Explanation of the buildings for defending your city, the Wall, Trap Factory and Watchtower.


When your city is attacked all your troops in your city help you defend, but the Wall plays a very important role as well. The wall can be equipped with Traps, which we will discuss in more detail when we discuss the next building, the Trap Factory, and Wall Defenses. The higher the level of your Wall, the more Wall Defenses you have.

There are also research projects in the Defense research tree and lord projects in the Balance Lord Talent tree that increase your Wall Defenses.

When your city is attacked and you lose the attack part of your Wall Defenses are destroyed. If all your Wall Defenses are destroyed you are randomly teleported. You can restore your Wall Defenses if they are damaged via the Wall Defense menu. This is done in batches of 100 with a cooldown timer of 30 minutes.

The Wall is after the Stronghold the most expensive building to upgrade and it is at each level a requirement for the Stronghold to upgrade, so you will be forced to keep it at the maximum level.

If your alliance participates in the Fallen Knight Event, your Wall Defenses will also be damaged. Don't forget to repair them.

Trap Factory

Traps help with the defense of your city when attacked. You can build them in the Trap Factory. Upgrading your Trap Factory increases your Trap Capacity and the amount of Traps you can build at the same time.

There are three type of traps, Dropped, Stationary and Targeted Traps, each of these have their own specific Troop Type they are strong against, respectively Infantry, Cavalry and Bowmen. There are four tier of Traps, which are unlocked by upgrading the Trap Factory. The traps are unlocked one by one. Keep in mind that the trap that the most recent trap you have unlocked is not necessarily stronger than the previous traps you unlocked, it might be the same tier, but just of a different type. Make sure you build a mix of the various types so that your traps target Infantry, Cavalry and Bowmen equally.

The Defense research category contains various projects to increase the Attack, Defense and Health of Traps, as well as the Trap Capacity. There are also Lord Talent projects, Dragon Skills and Gear that can improve the performance of your traps. In addition there is Alliance Research, (Balance) Lord Talent and Equipment that increases the Trap Construction Speed.

Note that your traps only take part in combat when you are attacked and you also have troops in your city. This is actually beneficial for the defender, as the traps are especially useful in combination with a large amount of troops, the traps alone will likely be easily destroyed by attackers. With the way it works, if you have no troops in your city, or all troops have already been hospitalized, the traps are not destroyed either by subsequent attacks.

Building Traps is part of your Daily Rewards.

The Watchtower can only be upgraded once a Sawmill is upgraded.


The Watchtower is important to provide you with information about incoming attacks and for the contents of your scout reports. With each upgrade of your Watchtower (until level 22), extra information for either the Incoming attacks or Scout reports will be added.

In addition with the increase of your Watchtower your Scout Prevention Level is increased, which basically means that if your Watchtower is 5 levels higher than that of the person scouting you, the scout fails. Similarly, you will not get any scout report if that player has a Watchtower 5 levels or more higher than your Watchtower.

When there are incoming marches you can use the Lookout menu in the Watchtower to get more information.

The Watchtower can only be upgraded once a Farm is upgraded.


I hope this gives you some idea of the function and importance of the Wall, Trap Factory and Watchtower. If you have any questions or tips, please share them in the comments.

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