This article explains how you can acquire the Deathseeker Equipment in King of Avalon without spending money.

King of Avalon Deathseeker Equipment for Nonspenders

04/16/2018 - -

Explanation of the functionality that was introduced in the last game update to get the required rare materials and scrolls for the Deathseeker Equipment and suggestion which piece to focus on first.

Why Deathseeker Gear

We focus on the Deathseeker equipment for two reasons. First, because of the relatively easy availability of the Sealed Deathseeker Equipment Scroll Fragment in the Spirit Altar Store, these pieces are now the most easy to make, from all gold equipment. Second, after the recently introduced Ice Lord set, the Deathseeker equipment is the best equipment set and when it comes to the important damage and damage reduction boosts it is even equal to the Ice Lord set.

Deathseeker Scroll

In the Spirit Altar Store you can now purchase Sealed Deathseeker Equipment Scroll Fragments for 500 credits per fragment. You need 100 of them to synthesize them to a Deathseeker Equipment Scroll of choice.

500 credits is relatively cheap in my eyes, as it is not too difficult to get credits. I have for now chosen not to focus on developing certain purple and blue heroes to multiple stars and I have traded those in the Spirit Altar for credits, which resulted in quite a large amount.

In the Spire Loot in the Magic Spire you can purchase 5 Sealed Deathseeker Equipment Scroll Fragments each day for 20730 credits. There are many interesting items available in the Spire Loot, but if you don't have enough credits in the Spirit Altar, this might be a good way to get part of the requirement amount instead.

There is a also a Lucky Shot field with Deathseeker Equipment scrolls, but this is a far more timeconsuming (or expensive) way to get the scrolls.

Rare Materials

What made (and still makes) the gold pieces difficult to craft is the rare material. These cost 100,000 each and for the Deathseeker set you need 4 for each piece. Now there is an alternative, in the Bonus Barbarian Chests you get when you rally a Barbarian Camp and have a Barbarian Bonus Key, you have a chance to get between 1 and 3 Rare Material Chest Fragments. As with the Sealed Deathseeker Equipment Scroll Fragments you need 100 to turn it into a rare material of choice.

Basic Materials

The Rare Materials are the most difficult/expensive, but that does not mean the Basic Materials requirement is easy to fill. For each piece you need large amounts of two of the basic materials. These combined amounts very between 9600 and 28800. There are various ways to get these materials, for example the Merlin trial shop and the Spirit Altar shop, but still requirements are huge.


Each of the Deathseeker pieces require (before discount) 201k steel to forge. This is also a huge requirement. You might consider holding a couple of ceremonies at the spirit altar to get the required steel.

Which Deathseeker Pieces to Forge First

It will take a very long time to forge a full set without spending money, so it will be important to think about in which order you want to forge them. There are different considerations. For example is attack the most important, or defense? Is certain part of the requirements important?

I am mostly looking at this for defensive purpose, when very strong players attack me, I want to be able to do some damage and not just be wiped out without them taking any significant losses. As such I want to focus first on the pieces that give Damage boosts, so that my damage is not reduced to (near)zero by the large damage reduction buffs that strong players have. I make one exception and put the Greaves first, because it has huge Damage Received buffs (35% Army Damage Received plus 30% Bowmen/Cavalary/Infantry Damage Received ). The three pieces that provide Damage boosts have in my eyes similar benefit, so I rank them based on how easy they are to craft (basic material cost): Ring, Talisman, Sword. After that comes Armor, which still gives a nice Damage Reduction buff. The Helmet comes last, does not have any Damage or Damage Reduction buffs, but nice general troop buffs and you get the complete set boost.

Based on your own preference you might take a different order, important thing is to make a conscious choice.


It sounds very nice to have Deathseeker gear for free, but let's do some calculation for the Rare Materials only to see how long it actually take. Let's assume you have not saved up tons of Barbarian Bonus Keys, which means you have to rely on the three you can get per day via the Daily Rewards. Assume you get on average 2 Rare Material Chest Fragments per Barbarian Bonus Chest, which means 6 per day. You require 400 to make a piece so it takes you 67 days to get the rare material chest fragments required for one Deathseeker Piece and 400 to get enough for all of them. On a positive note, this give you plenty of time to work on the basic material and steel requirements.

As a low spender I am very happy that it is possible to get Deathseeker equipment, as the lack of such good equipment is causing a large gap between non/low and big spenders when it comes to damage boosts. It is still very time consuming, but who knows in the future it will be made easier.

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