Once you have forged and enhanced purple Dragon Spirit equipment, you likely still get stuck at levels 40-44 in the Forbidden Labyrinth. This guide provides some tips how to get further and start collecting the orange equipment.

Orange Equipment

Orange equipment gives another big improvement over purple equipment. Based on the patterns we see orange equipment should be roughly equivalent to purple equipment enhanced to level 10.

The benefit of being able to use the orange equipment is that you can forge an equipment piece using between 210 and 300 for each of the materials, which is much less than enhancing purple to level 10. In addition to enhance orange to level 1 is much cheaper than enhancing purple to level 11. So being able to start collecting orange equipment scrolls and being able to wear the orange equipment is going to be another huge jump in the strength of your Dragon Spirit.

I mention these two requirements separately, because unlike with purple equipment (where you only needed to get your Dragon Spirit to XP level 25), getting your Dragon Spirit to XP level 35 is a real challenge.

Maxing your Dragon Spirit before Orange

Your aim should be to get your Dragon Spirit ready to get to level 47 (or higher, the higher the better), because at level 45 the orange equipment scrolls start to drop. The more rooms you can explorer and monsters you can beat, the more chance you have at getting some of the orange equipment scrolls.

You need to have a purple set enhanced to level 5 at least to get to level 45 in the Forbidden Labyrinth, and before you can beat some monsters there to have a chance at collecting orange scrolls, you should aim to enhance all to level 6 or 7. The higher the better, but getting enough materials and purple equipment scrolls might be a challenge.

Like we explained in the Dragon Spirit Intermediate guide it is crucial to have your Dragon Spirit Talent Point assignment complement your Dragon Spirit Equipment. Since I got by far the most Sorcerer scrolls I have focussed on Mage talent points. Mage Magic Attack I, Flame of Fury I and Mage Mana I are the crucial ones to max as soon as you can.

If you happen to have Runestones (they can be won in the Fire Lands), make sure to upgrade and embed these to your equipment as well.

Collecting As Fast As Much As Possible

You need to collect a lot of materials and Dragon Spirit EXP items. The materials you will need to enhance your purple equipment to sufficient level, the Dragon Spirit EXP items will be necessary to upgrade your Dragon Spirit to level 35, which is the level your Dragon Spirit needs to be before you can equip orange dragon spirit equipment.

Being able to carry a lot in the Forbidden Labyrinth, and doing a lot of Forbidden Labyrinth runs are the easiest way to get these materials and XP items.

There are three ways to increase the labyrinth cooldown timer. Once your Dragon Spirit reaches lvl 30, you get 15% from the Spirit Skill Labyrinth Vigor (starting from lvl 23 you get a lower percentage already), at VIP level 5 you get 5% (make sure you have your VIP on when entering the labyrinth, if you don't have it on permanently already) and from the Labyrinth Cooldown research in the Dragon Spirit tree you can get a maximum of 20%. Although it starts to take quite a lot of time, I have put an effort to get the Labyrinth Cooldown up (currently researching lvl 9 of 20). Being able to do one more Labyrinth run a week, makes a large difference. I tend to put an alarm when the cooldown reaches zero as not to miss it, just to enter the Forbidden Labyrinth directly, so that the cooldown timer starts again.

The Satchel Capacity can be increased in 4 different ways. Once your Dragon Spirit reaches lvl 10, you get 250 from the Spirit Skill Satchel Storage (at lvl 9 you first get 225), via VIP you can get a maximum of 250 at lvl 12 (lower amount, at lower VIP levels, make sure you have VIP on at the end of your labyrinth run, consider using a 30m VIP item if you can complete an entire labyrinth run in under 30 minutes), via each of the Dragon Spirit Talent trees you can get 500 via two projects (250 each) (it is a trade-off, but I tend to prefer the extra stuff I can carry over the better combat boosts for my Dragon Spirit, unless it is something that is key for my type of Dragon Spirit), and you can get a total of 450 via the Satchel Capacity research in the Dragon Spirit tree (I am at 18, not sure I will go further).

What to Collect?

For Dragon Spirit EXP items I tend to just focus on the 2500 items. The 500 ones that also drop weigh 6 per piece and that is very heavy compared to the 13 for 2500 items. If I don't find enough 2500 XP items I go for materials. I tend to be able to fill up my capacity as I go for very long labyrinth runs (start at 21, fininish at 45, currently).

I still pick up any purple scroll I can find. Although I focus for now on Mage, it might change, for exmaple if my first couple of orange scrolls happen to be of the Knight type, I likely switch to combined orange/purple Knight Equipment once I reach Dragon Spirit lvl 35 and reset my talent tree.

In addition I pick up the intensity crystals and other items from the player vs player fights.

I try to make sure I have enough of the Source Stone (I) and (II), but not too much, so those I only pick up if my stock gets low. Compared to the other materials you only use them a little.

I do not pick up resources, in my experience there is always more useful stuff.

Player vs Player

At certain Floors you will encounter another player instead of computer monster. I play from Floors 21 to 45 normally and I encounter these other players every 5 floors (25, 30, 40, 45). I haven't played at lower floors since this feature was introduced, so I am not sure at which floor it starts. I am also not sure about the behavior for floors higher than 45. I only was able to explore floor 45 once so far (previously I was killed by the first monster I encountered), and compared to other floors there were two significant differences. I encountered two player vs player encounters, and the payouts were different (from other floors and from each other). More about the payouts below.

The other player is always encountered in the first room starting from the top left corner that does not have anything else in it. So for example if the top left room at floor 25 is a monster, the player vs player encounter might be at the second room from the top left. I once encountered a situation the player vs player encounter was at the first room from the left of the second row, when all rooms on the top row had something special (starting point, chest, monster).

I don't know how the other player encounter is determined. I seriously doubt the other player is playing the same floor at the same time, or is even playing the same floor at all. The one time I encountered others players on floor 45, these were so weak that I doubt these players could make it to floor 45.

At floors 25, 30 and 35 the prize for winning a player vs player encounter is 1 intensity crystal (I), at floor 40 it is 2 intensity crystals (I). At floor 45 I got 2 Advanced Skill Fragment Chests from my first encounter and 5 intensity crsytal (I) items from my second encounter.

Leaderboard Prizes

Each week the top 10 players get leaderboard prizes and these are really helpful in growing further. Amongst other non Dragon Spirit related prizes you can get a Labyrinth Cooldown item (instant cooldown for top 3, fixed hours for rest) and Dragon Spirit EXP items.

The top 10 is determined first by the highest floor that was reached and second by the earliest in the week someone reached that floor. If you are in a kingdom where you are part of a group of players that for example plays until floors 45 or 46 it is important you reach your top floor as soon as possible. To achieve this you can with your last labyrinth run that starts before the weekly reset already play until one floor below your max before the weekly reset and reach your top floor shortly after the reset, making sure you are the first one.

Other ways to get Materials, Dragon Spirit EXP, Scrolls

You can get materials by simply purchasing them in Spirit Chamber when enhancing or forging equipment for which you lack materials. This costs you 30 gold per material. Does not sound that much, but if you for example want to use gold to enhance a sorcerer mask from lvl 6 to 7, this costs you 3 (each material type) x 177 (amount of material) x 30 (gold per material) = 15,930 gold. In other words, if you start spending gold on this it can go very fast. There are other ways to get some dragon spirit materials. Most of the seasonal events have them as payout, and in the Dragon Spirit Arena event you get some free materials for participating each day as well, but these are all quite small amounts.

Another way to get some of those materials is the black market, but they are just on offer at batches of 20 and the weird thing about the Black Market that in the vast majority of the cases the winner pays the normal prize or even higher. Don't ask me why that is, because I have no idea, but I am just checking in the history when I am writing this (and I have done so several times before, so this is not a one time thing, just check yourself) and there has been two lucky player who payed only 350 gold for Fire Opal and 501 gold for Spider Silk, but others pay for example 900, 600, 700, 1000, 601, 601, 1300 and 601 (20x30 =600, so everyone paying more just gives gold to the game developers). So, yes, it is possible to get it cheaper, but since you pay 10 gold each time you try and the total amount you can get is quite small, you have to be very lucky to even gain a little bit.

Dragon Spirit EXP is harder to come by. You cannot simply purchase it. You do get some as you upgrade your Dragon, but as you grow larger this becomes more difficult. Most seasonal events have it as possible payout as well, but only in small amounts.

I have seen Dragon Spirit EXP in the Alchemist Corner and Auction House in the exchange, but I find both very expensive. For the Alchemist Corner you need to first exchange other items you possess to get credits. In my case I can only use Intensity Crystal (III) and (IV) for this. A 25,000 Dragon Spirit EXP item costs 186 credits, and I get 118 credits for an Intensity Crystal (IV), which I also find very valuable and are not easy to come by. It is a possibility, but I prefer to hold on to my intensity crystals.

I have seen 20 x 25,000 Dragon Spirit EXP items in the Auction House go for 80,000 gold, which is more than I have, so not even worth considering.

Scrolls are if possible even harder to come by. I only have seen them in the Auction House, and not very frequently. They typically seem to go for between 30,000 and 40,000 gold. It is too much for me, but for someone who has plenty of gold it might be worth considering. I would expect if you have for example a purple set with one equipment at enhancement level 4 and the rest at 6 or 7, replacing the lvl 4 one with orange could make a significant difference.

Once or twice I also saw an instant Labyrinth Cooldown item in the Auction House. These are quite valuable as they allow you to make an extra run and collect lots of stuff materials and Dragon Spirit EXP, plus give you a chance to collect extra scrolls, but are also not going for a cheap price, I think I saw them being sold for around 30,000 gold.

Typical Labyrinth Run

I set a timer to be updated when my labyrinth cooldown timer is finished. I always enter the labyrinth as soon as possible, so the new cooldown timer starts.

These days I always have my VIP active because of non Dragon Spirit related benefits. If you don't have VIP active already, consider activating it with a 30min VIP item to get the benefits (but be aware that some benefits, like satchel capacity, expire as soon as the VIP status expires).

Typically I start at lvl 21 (eventhough I can start at 31 or 41), because I want to go through plenty of levels to collect many materials and 2500 Dragon Spirit EXP items.

I have lots of stamina now. You need maximum 15 per level. I tend to do first a couple of levels as fast as possible, and afterwards I have enough stamina to explore all rooms for all remaining levels, I start exploring all. Exploring all rooms is boring, but it gets you those dragon spirit exp items, mats and scrolls that you need.


Hopefully this will help you get to level 45+, so that you can start collecting those orange scrolls. Questions, comments and other tips are most welcome.

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