Version 3.9.0 of King of Avalon comes with significant changes in the Forbidden Labyrinth: instead of collecting various items in the labyrinth, you can now only collect ancient coins, which can be used in a new shop called the Undead Trader. In addition there is a plunder function that allows you to fast forward through many floors.

King of Avalon Forbidden Labyrinth Update 3.9

12/21/2017 - -

Explanation of the new features in the Forbidden Labyrinth in update 3.9, including the introduction of Ancient Coins, the Undead Trader and the Plunder function. Tips on how to best spend the Ancient Coins and increase your satchel capacity.

Ancient Coins

Instead of different items any chest in the Forbidden Labyrinth will now provide you with an amount of Ancient Coins. The bosses give more coins than the regular opponents, and the higher the floor the more coins you get. Just to get an idea I collected roughly 1000 Ancient Coins when completing floors 41-50 completely. The Ancient Coins weigh one unit per coin.

Undead Trader

In the Forbidden Labyrinth there is a new menu item to get you to the Undead Trader. In the Undead Trader shop you can use your Ancient Coins to purchase Dragon Spirit EXP, Scrolls, Materials, Runestones, Resources and Accolades.

If we consider the weight of a coin is 1 and we look at the prices we can conclude after Update 3.9 it should be a lot easier to grow a Dragon Spirit than before.

Dragon Spirit EXP

There are two Dragon Spirit EXP items available, 2500 for 1 Ancient Coin and 10000 for 3 Ancient Coins. Considering one coin equals one weight unit the 2500 Dragon Spirit EXP items is only 1/13th of the old price, and the 10,000 Dragon Spirit EXP item is even cheaper, making it a lot easier to upgrade your Dragon Spirit.


You can purchase any scroll you need (except for the newest equipment sets, which were also not available in the Forbidden Labyrinth). These are a lot more expensive than considering they weigh only 1 on the Forbidden Labyrinth, but it is very convenient, especially when you just upgrade your Dragon Spirit to e.g. EXP level 25 or 35, so that you can quickly upgrade all your equipment.


Fire Opal, Spider Silk and Soul Clay and Source Stone I-III only cost 1 Ancient Coin each. This is cheaper than previously, although not as much cheaper as Dragon Spirit EXP, but it should also help you enhance your Dragon Spirit equipment faster.

Runestones (mistakenly called Gemstones in the Undead Trader)

Previously very hard to come by (especially when the Fire Lands closed), the Runestones are now available as well. A Rune Stone costs 42 Ancient Coins. For refining Runestones it is best to purchase Refining Rune (I) items, these are slightly cheaper than the higher level Refining Runes and using othe Runestones.

Note that for using Runestones it is best fo first fill all slots with level IV runestones, and only after all slots you find important are filled with level IV should you continue to refine them to level V.


It is possible to purchase iron and silver items with Ancient Coins as well. The weird thing is that for 1 Ancient Coin you can purchase either 200 Iron, 600 Iron or 1K Iron, and 150 Silver or 250 Silver. Not sure what the reasoning behind this is and in what situation it makes sense to consciously purchase less Iron/Silver.


There are 4 different Accolades that you can purchase that give your troops some temporary (7 day) combat bonus. The boosts are not huge (5% Army Damage, 10% Bowmen, Cavalry, Infantry Damage).

Tips for the Undead Trader

What is best to purchase with your Ancient Coins depends on where you have most benefit. At lower levels this is likely Scrolls, Materials and Dragon Spirit EXP, but one your Dragon Spirit and Equipment is at a higher level you will likely find the added benefit from increasing one more level will be little and the cost in Ancient Coins high, in which case focusing on the Runestones and enhancing these might be a lot better.


There is a new plunder option in the Forbidden Labyrinth. Once you have reached a new milestone floor (11,21,31,41,51,61) you can next time use the Plunder button (blue lightning button at the right) to fast forward to this level fully exploring all floors and collecting all Ancient Coins. Assuming you have enough stamina (and you should have), you should use this option to make visiting the Forbidden Labyrinth a lot faster.


I like these changes. It will make it a lot faster to go through the Forbidden Labyrinth, and you have to think less during the process (i.e. once your capacity is full with Ancient Coins you are done, no need to look at whether better loot is dropping).

The availability of all the items in the shop makes it easier to develop your own tactic to develop your dragon spirit.

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