In May 2017, in the 3.0.0 Update, King of Avalon was extended with the Fire Lands event. This guide explains how the event works.

King of Avalon Fire Lands

06/03/2017 - -

Explanation and first participation in the Fire Lands event.

The Basics

The Fire Lands event allows players from all kingdoms to teleport to a new map. The goal of the event is to gather Dragon Fossils from Dragon Nest tiles. It is possible to attack other players (cities and on tiles), but troops cannot die and can be healed, from the Kingdom Hospital, for zero resources and reduced healing time.

Join the Fire Lands Event

The Fire Lands event is active every second Saturday. You need to be Stronghold level 19 or higher to join. The day is divided into 24 Rounds of each one hour and each Lord can only participate in one Round. You must Enrol to a Round in advance via the Event Center, which costs 100 gold. You can enroll in the hour preceding a round, but do not wait too long, as there is a maximum of 2000 participants per round and especially during the more busy hours a round can fill up quite fast. Once you have enrolled the Enroll button in the Event Center becomes an Enter button which becomes active the moment the event starts. Once you click on it you are placed at a random location on the Fire Lands map.

Gathering Dragon Fossils

The map of the Fire Lands contains lvl 1-4 Dragon Nest tiles. The higher the level of a Dragon Nest tile, the faster the Dragon Fossil gathering rate will be.

Only one army can gather on a Dragon Nest at the same time, so you need to stay online to anticipate on any attacks.

Attacking and the Kingdom Hospital

It is possible to attack players on Dragon Nests and to atatck (unshielded) Cities. Your troops won't die, but go to a new concept, the Kingdom Hospital, instead. If your City is defeated it will be randomnly teleported to another location in the Fire Lands, you will not lose any resources. If you win an attack on a Dragon Nest your remaining troops with start gathering. Kills in the Fire Lands do not count for your Kill ranking.

You can access the Kingdom Hospital from any of your Hospitals (just like the Alliance Hospital). The Kingdom Hospital can contain an unlimited amount of troops. You do not need resources to heal your troops from the Kingdom Hospital and the healing time is reduced a lot. I don't recall exactly, but i think I have tens of thousands of wounded which healed in 10-20 minutes or so. Only drawback is that you cannot seem to speed it up with speed ups, only gold.

At the end of the event all wounded troops will be healed automatically.

Special Actions

You can teleport 3 times for free in the Fire Lands, the next time costs gold.

You can speed up marches two times for free, more times will cost gold.

Once you have had enough of the Event, you can click on Home in the Fire Lands.

Once you click Home, or once the round ends, you will be teleported back to your original location in your kingdom.

Ranking Rewards

Ranking Rewards based on the total amount of Dragon Fossils gathered are sent via mail at the end of the event. These rewards are medals if you reach top rankings, allowing you to select from all kind of nice rewards, but you need to be top 50 for that, something I never reached. After that rewards are less nice, few Sir Agravain fragments, Intensity Crystal (II) and research and training speed ups.

Fossil Rewards

You also get rewards based on the amount of Fossils you gather irrespective of your ranking. The Fossil reward targets are 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 15000 and 30000 Fossils. For reaching each of these targets you get an increasing amount of Dragon Essence, Steel, basic materials, training and research speed ups and rare material chests.

My experience

With my Stronghold 32 I feel I am still attacked too often if I go for the lvl 2 or higher tiles. Even if I do try, I don't get close to ranking within top 50, so I tend to just go for lvl 1 tiles in areas where I am one of the big dogs. Easy to reach all Fossil reward targer, normally rank around 100-200.


It is nice to have another way to compete with other players. If you are a bit afraid to try out combat in your kingdom, being afraid of the losses, the Fire Lands are a good alternative, as troops will always automatically recover. 100 gold is a small price to pay, and since the introduction you get a lot of rewards back. The Fossil rewards have changed over time, but I especially find the Dragon Essence and steel you currently get very useful for enhancing my gear.

Drawbacks are the frequent technical issues. I am still having issues with new Nests not appearing, which forces me to switch between city and map view frequently.

Another annoyance I encountered is that a monster appeared in my spot in my home kingdom, so I was teleported back to another location. I think it is impossible to completely prevent this, as you need four marches filling up the spot when you leave and pulling back in time when the event ends, and even if you do that, a monster can pop in the short time it is empty, but I tend to now put some marches in anyway which normally does the trick.

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