The world map contains various monsters that you can attack. This guide explains the various considerations when battling monsters.

King of Avalon Killing a Lvl 30 Monster

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Killing a Lvl 30 Monster.

How to Kill Monsters

The map contains many monsters of different levels. By sending out a march to these monsters you can kill them. It is not a sure thing, if you are not strong enough you can be defeated by a monster and even if you kill it some troops typically get wounded.

You need to kill a lvl 1 monster first before you can attack a lvl 2, you need to kill a lvl 2 before you can attack a lvl 3 and so on.


Attacking monsters requires stamina. For monsters lvl 1-9 you require 5 stamina, lvl 10-14 10, lvl 15-19 15 and lvl 20-30 requires 20 stamina.

If you are unable to kill a monster your stamina will be restored when your troops return.

Your stamina recharges automatically, but there are various ways to increase the stamina recovery. If you use the Balance lord skill tree there are projects Stamina Recovery I and II (but most players probably assign their Lord talent points in Economy or War), in the Development research category there are projects Stamina Recovery I and II (but to be able to max Stamina Recovery II you need to upgrade your University to lvl 30), and with VIP you can get up to 26% Stamina Recovery increase. Having your VIP active costs gold, but in my eyes, once you reach VIP 8, the extra march slot and the Lord Stamina Recovery are worth the gold investment.

Make sure you always use up your stamina for hitting monsters or attacking barbarian camps. I tend to chose for monsters if I don't have bonus barbarian keys available, but the important thing is you do something with it, don't let the stamina go to waste.


You get a large amount of prizes when killing monsters. Besides the prizes listed below often you also get extra rewards associated with seasonal events that are active.

Killing Monsters gives you Lord EXP, Dragon EXP and Assault Power. All very useful for improving your account.

When you kill a higher level monster you get a Noble Chest. For levels 28-30 monsters you get a lvl 4 Noble Chest. I have not tested everything below, but know that levels 25-27 give a lvl 3 Noble Chest. For level 9 I have received a lvl 1 Noble Chest, level 7 monster has sometimes resulted in a Lvl 1 Noble Chest, sometimes no Noble Chest. For lower monster levels I have not received Noble Chests. Although it is nice to get some Noble Chests, you might not want to spend your Noble Keys on anything below lvl 4 Noble Chests, as you only get three Noble Keys per day from the Daily Rewards and you can quite easily get the Noble Chests from beating lvl 26+ Barbarian Camps as well.

You get resource items. The amount is determined by the level of the monster you kill. The amount is the level of your monster times the stamina required divided by 5. So for lower level monsters the amount of resources equals the level of the monster (since you pay 5 stamina), for example a level 28 monster you get 112 resource items (28x20/5). I am not exactly sure at which levels iron and silver are introduced as possible resource drops. The amount per item is 1000 for Wood/Food, 200 for Iron and 50 for Silver.

You have a chance at a Summoning Horn, not sure at which level this starts.

At the higher level monsters I typically hit I get 1, 2 or 3 Medium Hero EXP items.

You have a chance of receiving one or two scroll fragments. Grade 1 Scroll Fragments drop from level 5-14, Grade 2 Scroll Fragments from level 10-19, Grade 3 Scroll Fragments from level 15-24, Grade 4 Scroll Fragments from levels 20-29, Grade 5 Scroll Fragments from Levels 25-30.

You have a chance of receiving one or more materials. I have received up to 4 when killing a high level monster. Animal Hide, Cerussite, Pine and Bronze can drop from any monster. Marble, Cypress (lvl 10-18), Galena, Horn (15-23), Emerald, Amber (20-28), Amethyst, Sapphire (25-30) have a specific range of monster levels for which there is a chance they drop.

There is a chance you receive Knucklebone, 24 Hour Farm/Sawmill/Iron Mine/Silver Mine boost

You get a Royal Coin, but this is donated to the king.

Combat Boosts

Any Combat boost (Attack, Defense, Health) is relevant for killing monsters as well as battling opponents. Make sure to do Combat research and assigning points to War lord talent tree helps as well.

The March Capacity allow for more troops in a march, which makes a large difference. Upgrading your stronghold and increasing the march capacity via Combat research, lord talent points, and Dragon Sills is important.

The Troop March Speed boost and Monster March Speed boost make the marches faster, thus will make sure you require less time per attack.

Assigning, Upgrading and Enhancing the Dragon Skills in the Monster category makes a large difference. The Cavalry, Bowmen and Siege Rage Dragon Skills give a 5% boost for each level you upgrade them, which is huge compared to the general combat boosts you get from research.

Also make sure you wear your Combat equipment when you go out killing monsters. It will not make as much difference as the Dragon Skills, but everything helps.

Troop Composition

I have experimented a bit with troop composition and found that a balanced army (25% of each Infantry, Bowmen, Cavalry and Siege) gave me good results.

Note that unlike for example Portal Monsters, the Monsters on the world map do damage to you as well, so having some Infantry troops as buffer does have its function.

Hunt/Quick Search

Using the Hunt/Quick Seach shortcut from the world map left below can help you find suitable monsters. If you don't see the monster levels you want, you might want to scan a bit further away and you will still find them.

Killing Level 30

The recommended troop level for a Monster Lvl 30 is 12,628,000, however as you have probably already noticed it is not required to actually have the required troop power to beat a monster. I was able to beat it with 3,553,080 Troop Power. My March Capacity is 83,840 (with Talent Tree set to Economy), and I used the Dragon Skills Cavalry Rage (upgrade 11, enhance 1), Bowmen Rage (11,1), March of Fury (11,1), Siege Rage (9,1), Dragonskin (9,1) and Dragon Blood I (10,0).

I have my stronghold at lvl 21, university at lvl 20, and reasonable amount of Combat research finished, and some basic blue and green combat equipment.


I hope these tips help you make the most out of beating monsters. If you have any questions or other tips to share, please use the comment section.

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