In King of Avalon v5.0.0 the Forbidden Labyrinth has been changed completely, it is now version 2.

King of Avalon Labyrinth v2 Introduction

11/14/2018 - -

Explanation of Labyrinth v2 in King of Avalon 5.0, including a run to reach section 7.

King of Avalon Labyrinth v2 Section 8 10

11/14/2018 - -

Reaching section 8-10 in the Labyrinth v2 and some more tips.

Scope of this Guide

The focus of this guide is to explain the changes of the new Labyrinth v2 compared to the original Labyrinth, and give tips of what to change to benefit.

Section and Subsection

The setup of the new Labyrinth is quite confusing, probably it is easiest to just look at the sections and subsection numbers, for example section 1 consists of 3 floors, 1-1, 1-2, 1-3. The number of floors in a section increase, from Section 4 onwards there are 10 floors per section.

There are also some other concepts, so are for one or more sections grouped together with the same name, for example Royal Tomb, and are the floors within sections with the same name grouped together, but this is in my eyes not relevant and only confusing.

Stamina and Cooldown and Resets

The concept of Labyrinth Cooldown has disappeared and instead you now have a stamina bar that is recharging automatically (1 point per 5 minutes). This also causes the way you enter the labyrinth to be quite different in the sense that there is no one time every 1-2 days you can enter the labyrinth, you can enter anytime you have some stamina and always continue where you left off, it seems. I am not yet sure how this works after the weekly ranking. There are no stamina potions. There is also no longer a Labyrinth Stamina instead there is now a maximum stamina that you can increase via research, which has as benefit that it takes longer to fully recharge, so you can still profit more if you are unable to play for a longer time.

The stamina cost are fixed cost for a floor, instead of one stamina per room on a floor. for the first section this is 3 stamina per floor, for later sections 6 stamina per floor.

Each time you have finished a room, you get all the rewards and health and mana are reset.

Plundering and Special Rooms

Plundering works quite different. There are certain special rooms, they are shown with a purple or yellow circle around them. These once every day you can plunder a fixed number of time. It is best to keep plundering the highest room you can.

In Floor Rewards

You no longer only get Ancient Coins, you can also get Dragon Spirit EXP, resources, Equipment Scroll Fragments and runestones as rewards inside the Labyrinth. Interesting is that from room 7-5 onwards you get the equipment scroll fragments for the lvl 45 equipment, something you could previously not get from the labyrinth. As far as I have seen you cannot yet get the new runestones from the labyrinth.

Undead Trader

In the Undead Trader you can now only get Emblems, Statues, Resources and Accolades. As far as I can see the items in these categories are still the same, same amount and cost.

Ancient Coins Comparison

At first I was afraid this change would be a serious reduction in the amount of Ancient Coins I could get and thus the amount of resources I could buy, but I think it is not that bad. If I look at the amount of Ancient Coins you can get, in the old labyrinth I had around 1500 per run and I could do one run each 1 day and 8 hours. In the new situation you can get 288 stamina from the automatic recharge each day. This allows you to plunder 48 times at Section 8 (6 stamina per plunder). When I experimented I got 20 Ancient Coins per plunder, so theoretically I can probably get 960 Ancient Coins in a day. This is a bit less than in the old situation, but not too much.

Talent Points

A lot of the old boosts are no longer relevant at all (or hardly relevant), it is good to keep this in mind and go through your Dragon Spirit Talents, for example the Satchel Capacity boosts are useless.

Highest Level and Ranking

The highest floor seems to be 8-10. For the weekly ranking it is not who is the first to get to that floor, but who has collected the most Dragon Spirit EXP.


I am not sure why this change was made, but overall I am not too unhappy. It seems it is still quite easy to get resources from the new labyrinth, and it is even now possible to get the lvl 45 equipment. I don't really mind too much about the fact that the highest floor is easy to get, but I can imagine for players who have put more focus on developing their Dragon Spirit this update is disappointing.

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