King of Avalon almost always has one or two seasonal events being active. At this time the Midnight Sun Event is one of them. This guide explains how the event works.

How the Midnight Sun Event Works

You have a chance at getting a Midnight Gem when attacking monsters or rallying barbarians. These Midnight Gems can be used to give to White Knights that are located on the map, in return for which you will get a (supposedly huge) reward.

Midnight Gem

You need to rally barbarians or slay monsters to have a chance of getting a Midnight Gem. The chance part is where this event differs from the previous seasonal events.

I am not yet sure whether there is any difference in chance depending on the level of monster, or how easily you beat the monster (or other factors?). It could be a coincidence, but I first killed three level 25 monsters, did not get any Midnight Gem. After I killed two level 21 monsters and got a Midnight Gem both times.


There are White Knights on the map during this event which you can visit if you have a Midnight Gem. If you do so you get a Midnight Chest in return via a mail (neeed to Collect before it goes to your inventory).

So far I have received the following prizes from Using the Midnight Chests (a combination of prizes, in my opinion you get a lot): Intensity Crystal (I), 50 Guardian/Assault Power, Dragon Spirit Recall, 100 Dragon EXP, 100 Dragon Spirit EXP, 100 Lord EXP, 30m VIP, 10 VIP Points, 1K Food, 1K Wood, 200 Iron, 50 Silver, Knucklebone, 2h Firm Defense, 5m Speedup, 60m Speedup, Materials (Animal Hide, Cerussite, Pine, Bronze, Amber, Amethyst, Cypress, Fluorite, Galena, Agate, Fire Opal, Spider Silk, Soul Clay), Refining Stone (I).

Experiment 1

Based on what I hear from my alliance mates, I doubt whether a Midnight Gem drops or not has the same randomness for everyone. Some report to me that in 50-60% of the monster kills a Midnight Gem drops, but that has so far clearly not been the case for me.

Since the event started I have killed the following monsters (between brackets the amount of Midnight Gems dropped):
Lvl 25: 5 (1)
Lvl 24: 3 (0)
Lvl 21: 3 (2)
Lvl 9: 3 (1)
Lvl 8: 5 (2)
Lvl 7: 3 (1)
Lvl 6: 2 (0)
Lvl 5: 1 (0)
Lvl 4: 1 (0)
Lvl 3: 3 (0)
Lvl 1: 2 (0)
Total: 31 (7)

Per category:
Lvl 21-25: 11 (3)
Lvl 6-9: 13 (4)
Lvl 1-5: 7 (0)

This test set is still too small to be able to draw reliable conclusions, but there might be a pattern that (for my account), for about 25% of the monsters I kill of level 6 and above I get a Midnight Gem. I plan to do some more experimenting with this, probably focussing on killing lvl 6-9 monsters to maximize the chests I get per stamina.

I have no idea why others are experiencing much higher drop rates. I am curious about the finding of other players, so please share your experiences and tactics to make the most of this event.

Note: Since this update I am unable to kill any monsters of lvl 26 or higher. Before I could already kill lvl 30 for a while.

Note: Normally I am not in the habit of killing lower level monsters, but wanted to experiment for this event, as the chests seems quite nice.

Experiment 2

Based on my findings above, I did a second experiment, killing 15 monsters levels 6-9, and I only got 1 Midnight Gem. This has taken away any motivation I had to still explore this, the game developers have chosen to put some weird randomness in this and intentionally didn't explain this. I do not plan to put more energy in it and am back to just hitting the highest level monsters I can, and I will just check my inventory so now and them whether I have any Midnight Gems in my inventory.

Surprise Surprise

Today suddenly I can kill lvl 30 monsters again and the drop rate of the Midnight Gems for the higher level monsters is so far 3 out of 5. Perhaps something has been changed in the game, and above experiments are irrelevant. I leave them in this guide for a couple more days, but might remove them if nothing changes.


I have mixed feelings about this event. I do not like this chance aspect of getting a Midnight Gem at all, and it quickly gets annoying to having to look for those White Knights to exchange the Midnight Gem for a chest, but the prizes from the Midnight Chests seem quite nice.

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