All information about the research project Defense Bonus for all Infantry Troops II in Mobile Strike including prerequisites, resource requirements, time, Power increase and boosts.
Level Prerequisites Resources Original Time Infantry Defense
Advanced Infantry

Mercenary Infantry
Commander XP Power K Power/
Description Action
1 Research Facility 2
Health Bonus for all Infantry Troops II 1
741.60M Stone
756.43M Oil
763.85M Iron
741.60M Food
778.68M Coin
784.0 Research File
400.0 Mercenary Combat Restricted File
00:00:00 2.1% (inc)
2.1% (cum)
320K 2,901,470
2 Research Facility 2
Goliath Tanks
1.03B Stone
1.11B Oil
1.02B Iron
1.07B Food
1.11B Coin
1.2K Research File
606.0 Mercenary Combat Restricted File
7556d 12:00:00 4.3% (inc)
6.40% (cum)
480K 4,352,550 0.6
3 4.3% (inc)
10.70% (cum)
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4 11.4% (inc)
22.10% (cum)
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5 11.4% (inc)
33.5% (cum)
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6 11.4% (inc)
44.9% (cum)
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7 11.4% (inc)
56.30% (cum)
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8 12.5% (inc)
68.8% (cum)
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9 14.2% (inc)
83.0% (cum)
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10 17.0% (inc)
100.0% (cum)
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Total Research Facility 2
Health Bonus for all Infantry Troops II 1
Goliath Tanks
1.77B Stone
1.87B Oil
1.78B Iron
1.81B Food
1.89B Coin
1.0K Mercenary Combat Restricted File
1.9K Research File
7556d 12:00:00 100.0% 800K 7,254,020 1.0

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