Why You Need It

Required to upgrade Assault Dragon Skills.

Best Way To Get It

There are many normal game play activities that result in Assault Power. If you are impatient to wait until you have accumulated enough, there is a Lucky Shot Gemstone field with Assault Power as the lower level reward, here you seem to have a 50/50 chance to get 100k Assault power by spending one Lucky Shot Coin.

Other Ways To Get It

Assault power is also available in various shops.

Keep In Mind

Consider setting your Dragon Character to Balanced to increase the Assault points you get from the regular activities.

Shop Availability

Shop Description Building Block Quantity Shop Credits
Alchemist's Corner Small Assault Power 500 30
Alchemist's Corner Medium Assault Power 2,000 89
Alchemist's Corner Large Assault Power 10,000 297
Alchemist's Corner 5x 10 Assault Power 50 8
Alchemist's Corner 5x 50 Assault Power 250 30
Spire Loot Large Assault Power 10,000 4,740
Spirit Altar and Store Small Assault Power 500 7
Trial Shop Small Assault Power 500 49


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