When you have played the Dragon Spirit Labyrinth for a while you might get stuck at levels 30-35. This guide provides some tips how to get further.

King of Avalon Labyrinth Stuck at Lvl 38

04/07/2017 - -

Labyrinth Run with a Rugged Set Enhanced to Lvl 5 (but set boost not working!), and tips on how to collect materials and quickly finish Labyrinth rooms.


To get to level 40 of the Labyrinth you likely are going to need purple equipment. For some reason the Set Resonance Bonus is not working (this seems to be a known problem, the game support however has not addressed this, I think they later might introduce a feature to active this, perhaps with items that typically come in packs you purchase, but that is just a guess), which makes it difficult to get to lvl 40 with a blue Equipment Set, unless perhaps if you have enhanced it very far and/or your Dragon Spirit is of a very high level.

However purple scrolls only start dropping at lvl 35 of the labyrinth, so you need to get a good blue set first to reach level 35-38 so you can start collecting purple scrolls. Blue scrolls drop between levels 25 and 35.

Blue Equipment Enhanced +5 vs Purple Equipment

I have compared some pieces of blue enhanced +5 equipment vs the corresponding purple equipment without enhancement. If we take for example the Rugged Helm + 5 vs the Wild Helm (not enhanced), we see that Spirit Defense goes from 57 to 84, Spirit Health from 2388 to 3510 and Spirit Strength from 16 to 24, and Spirit Physique from 24 to 36. This increase of roughly 50% seems to be common.

If the Set Resonance Bonus is working, that would be a reason not to replace individual 5+ enhanced blue pieces with purple pieces, as you hardly have any benefit for the piece you replace and you lose the benefit for your 6 remaining pieces. However since the Set Resonance Boost does not seem to be working, it is better to replace the pieces as fast as you can, so make and upgrade those purple equipment pieces as soon as you get the scrolls.

Material cost a purple equipment piece is also cheaper than a blue enhanced 5 piece. Take again the Rugged and Wild Helm as an example. The Rugged Helm costs 32 Fire Opal, Spider Silk and Soul Clay to make and 115 if each to upgrade (not to mention the 100 Source Stone (I)), while the Wild Helmet only costs 80 of each materials.

Besides that enhancing purple equipment to lvl 1 is much cheaper, material wise, than enhancing blue equipment to lvl 6, while it also typically gives more increase in the boosts.

Complementing Boosts for Equipment and Talent Trees

Although the Set Resonance Boosts are not working, there is still something to be said for focussing on equipment pieces of the same set, as the boosts tend to complement each other, the idea being that it is better to be very good in certain aspects than quite ok in many.

There seems to be a relationship between the Talent Trees and Equipment Sets as well, boosts wise the Berserker Tree seems to match the Rugged, Wild and Savage Sets, the Knight Tree the Gallant, Noble and Heroic Sets, and the Mage Tree the Shaman, Sorcerer and Warlock Sets.

However note that the Talent trees are for a very large part identical. I am at Dragon Spirit Level 25 (so far only got 1 point per level up), and I have gone for the bottom of the tree, which is the same for each of the three trees. Perhaps at a higher level Dragon Spirit it becomes more relevant to match the Talent Tree and Equipment Set.

Which Blue/Purple Equipment to Focus On

Focus on one set, the set you get most scrolls from first, but collect scrolls of all blue sets. You get all materials back when you disassemble pieces, so it is very easy to change later on. I don't have the impression the set you select has a huge impact on the performance.

Even when replacing your blue with purple equipment it is not so relevant to focus on the same theme, for example if you look at a Rugged Leather Belt Enhanced to +5, it has 2388 Spirit Health, 149 Spirit Recovery and 39 Spirit Attack. A Sorcerer Torc has 3288 Spirit Health, 215 Spirit Recovery and 56 Spirit Attack (and a bunch of other boosts), so is a big improvement eventhough it is a different theme (Mage instead of Berserker).

Mana and Talents

In the Labyrinth you also have a Mana bar and this allows you to use certain Talents while in the Labyrinth. Such Talents need to be unlocked in the Dragon Spirit Talent Tree first, these are the ones with only 1 level. You need to have your Dragon Spirit upgraded to XP Level 27 before you can unlock the first such talent.

What to Focus on First

Unless you want to spend money to get further in the labyrinth, getting further is mostly a matter of playing the labyrinth often and collecting the right things.

Once you are able to reach the lower level thirty labyrinth, these is no immediate need to focus on improving the damage, health, defense etc yet. When you are able to get to those levels it is a matter of starting to focus on collecting lots of scrolls, materials and Dragon Spirit EXP.

With respect to Research I focussed first on my Satchel Capacity (I have it at 14), Satchel Slots (5), Stamina Potions (4) and my Labyrinth Cooldown (at 5). These are all focussed on being able to get the right goodies from the labyrinth as fast as possible.

In the Talent tree I assigned points to Satchel Capacity, Satchel Slots and Stamina Potion.

With collecting stuff I always take any blue scrolls that I can. Whether to focus on Dragon Spirit XP or materials depends a bit. First you want to get to Dragon Spirit XP level 15 as fast as possible, because level 14 unlocks a Satchel Capacity Dragon Spirit which allows you to carry more, and you need level 15 to be able to wear the blue equipment. After that I focussed on getting the materials for a blue equipment set, after which I focussed again on Dragon Spirit XP, to get to level 23 for the Labyrinth Cooldown reduction Spirit Skill, after which I continued with getting materials to enhance my blue sets. Once you start to get to level 35 in the Labyrinth it is time to focus on Dragon Spirit EXP as well, because at level 35 purple scrolls start to drop and you need Dragon Spirit EXP Level 25 to be able to equip purple equipment.

Typical Labyrinth Run

I set a timer to be updated when my labyrinth cooldown timer is finished. I always enter the labyrinth as soon as possible, so the new cooldown timer starts.

If I know I have enough time to complete the labyrinth run, I use a 30m VIP item before I enter, this is to increase the capacity (check whether your VIP level is high enough, Satche Capacity starts at VIP 4 and increases at 7, 10, 11 and 12). Alternatively I use a VIP 30m item when I am already in the labyrinth and I know I will finish it. The Satchel Capacity increases as long as VIP is active.

Typically I start at lvl 21 (eventhough I can start at 31), because I want to go through plenty of levels to collect what I want.

I have lots of stamina now. You need maximum 15 per level. I tend to do first a couple of levels as fast as possible, and afterwards I have enough stamina to explore all rooms for all remaining levels (I know I will get stuck at lvl 38 anyway), I start exploring all. Exploring all rooms is boring, but it gets you those mats and scrolls that you need.

Getting through a level As Fast As Possible

Recently one of the website contributors shared some information regarding the labyrinth: there are always 6 moves from the point you start in a labyrinth until the exit. As you probably have noticed yourself the exit is always a dead end. I haven't figured out exactly, but I also think there is a minimum amount of monsters you will encounter from entrance to exit. Using this information makes it possible to make choices to go through labyrinths quite fast.


Hopefully this will help you get to level 41. I just found out the Set Resonance Boost is not working and that annoyed me, as I thought with the 50% boost I would have a good chance to get to level 40/41, but with replacing my equipment pieces with purple (and enhancing those) I should get there as well. Questions and comments welcome.

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