Normally every two weeks there is a Gold Event active that you can focus on to win prizes. This guide deals with information relevant for winning the Monster Kill Stage of the Gold Event.

King of Avalon Gold Event Monster Kill Stage

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Tips on how to reach gold in the Monster Kill stage of the gold event, including way to start the stage with 200 stamina.

How to Kill Monsters

The map contains many monsters of different levels. By sending out a march to these monsters you can kill them. It is not a sure thing, if you are not strong enough you can be defeated by a monster and even if you kill it some troops might get injured.


Points are acquired based on the level of the killed monster. A monster lvl 1 gives 100 points, lvl 2 200 points, lvl 3 300 points and so on. At Level 10, 15 en 20 there is a jump in points, but at these stages there is a similar jump in Stamina cost to attack the monsters, so that the increase in points per stamina used is still the same.

Note that in new kingdoms higher levels monsters will be gradually introduced, it can take up to 3-4 months before all monster levels are available.

Ability to Kill High Level Monsters

There are these days many different ways to increase the combat boosts of your troops, so it should not be hard to be able to kill the highest level monsters. In case you do have trouble make sure you have sufficient troops to fill a full march, increase the troop tier of your troops, assign Assault points to the monster dragon skills, and just in general make sure your combat boosts are high (e.g. via equipment, gems, research, building prestige levels).

Stamina Recovery Speed

Specifically for this event stage, but also in general, having high stamina recovery speed is very beneficial. Being able to kill many monsters/do many barbarian rallies, will get you many resources and goodies.

You can increase the Stamina Recovery Speed in the following ways:

Make sure you have your VIP active and on a high level. Minimum 8, but the higher the better. This provides a very large chunk of your Stamina Recovery speed.

The blue hero Gaheris gives 11% Stamina Recovery speed if you are able to upgrade it to 2 stars. I believe I got quite some fragments in the Merlin Trials, and you can also look out to see if there is any trade in the Alchemist Corner. I have it at 2 stars and I have it active by default.

In the Development research category there are two Stamina Recovery projects. These projects are some of the first ones I research when I do a university upgrade.

I am not a fan of the Balance talent tree, but there are also two stamina recovery projects there and in addition there is a talent that allows you to hit monsters for reduced stamina for a limited period of time. If you are a fan of that tree, you can consider assigning your points to those projects. I normally have my points assigned to the Economy tree.

Beginner's Tips

Make sure you start saving up your Stamina so that you can start the event with 100 stamina points.

Consider activating your VIP to increase stamina regeneration.

Start killing the highest possible level monsters when the event starts.

Let your stamina regenerate and make sure you kill monsters again before it reaches 100.

Consider using stamina items in case you won't reach gold.

Make sure you use up all your stamina again just before the event ends.

Starting with 200 Stamina

Although your stamina recovers only up till 100 points it is possible to still get 200 stamina points. If you start the monster kill stage with 200 stamina points, you can kill 5 more level 30 monsters, which is quite a point difference.

To achieve the 200 stamina points you can do the following: first let your stamina regenerate to 100, second send one slow marching troop to a high level monster far away. Your stamina will go down to 80 and your stamina will start increasing. The idea is that your troop take long to come back to your stronghold after a failed attempt to kill a monster. Your stamina should be recovered till 100 by the time the march gets back, which will increase it to 120 because you get the 20 stamina points you used for the attack back because you failed to kill the monster. If you didn't fully regenerate the 20 points yet you should make the troop march slower, make the march longer, or make the stamina recovery faster. Once you have 120 points, you do the same, but now with marches of one troop, which should bring you down again to 80, growing to 100, and to 140 when the two marches arrive. You repeat this with 3, 4 and finally 5 marches.

As you can understand this takes quite some dedication and since I am able to reach gold without it, I don't use this tactic, I'd rather use my troops to gather resources. But if you have a hard time reaching gold, this might be a good way for you.

Imbalance between Stronghold and University

The required points to reach gold increase, probably related to the stronghold level. If your university level is lacking compared to your stronghold level, or if you don't do your stamina recovery research when you upgrade your university, this event becomes very difficult to win. So make sure you upgrade your university shortly after your stronghold and focus on completing the Stamina Recovery research projects.


I hope these tips make it easy to win the Monster Kill Stage of the Gold Event. If you have questions or want to share more tips, please use the comment section below.

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