This article gives an explanation of the Hero Weapons that were introduced in update 6.0.0 in King of Avalon.

King of Avalon Hero Weapons

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Description of the new Hero Weapons feature in King of Avalon.

Scope of this Article

This covers my understanding of the Hero Weapons. I think I understand the basics, but still not have knowledge of everything, as always additional information is appreciated.


Via the new Hero Weapons menu in the Hero Council building can craft weapons and assign them to heroes to acquire extra boosts.

To craft a Hero Weapon you require a number of scrolls matching the Set (at this moment only Earth and Tempest Sets are available), and Tears of Ascension items. The higher quality the weapon, the more scrolls and items you require.

Each weapon corresponds to a certain role in the Hero Council, you can only assign it to heroes of that role.

The setup of boosts is similar to other features like the Prestige Statues. You have two that provide Troop Attack/Defense and Health boosts, and two that provide boosts for each of the three troop types Infantry, Bowmen and Cavalry.

Higher grade weapons can be Enhanced.


You require Scrolls of the set the weapon is part of (Earth Ascendant Scrolls for weapons in the Earth set and Tempest Ascendant Scrolls for weapons in the Tempest set).

For all Hero Weapons you require Tears of Ascension.

There is another item, Glory Fragments. At this stage I am not sure yet what it is needed for.

Acquiring Ingredients

You can acquire the necessary ingredients by buying specific packs, but there are also some ways in game to get them for free.

Probably the least interesting is the Auction House. In the Auction House 50 Tempest Ascendant Scrolls are one of the possible items on offer. It would be quite interesting to acquire these, but from what I have seen you have to spend a lot. I have seen it being sold for 300k gold.

For Demonic Siege you can get Earth and Tempest Ascendant Scrolls for the rewards, you get some for each alliance point target met. For point level 5, where we typically end up because I feel we need to have too many accounts on line to beat a higher level, you get 3 Earth Ascendant Scrolls and 5 Tempest Ascendant Scrolls. The maximum you can get is 6 Earth Ascendant Scrolls and 9 Tempest Ascendant Scrolls.

Nether War gives a total of 21 Tears of Ascension distributed over the different point targets, and for the highest point target 4 Earth Ascendant Scrolls and 6 Tempest Ascendant Scrolls as well.

Ultimate Alliance Conquest gives a total of 29 Tears of Ascension distributed over the different point targets, and for the highest point target 6 Earth Ascendant Scrolls and 9 Tempest Ascendant Scrolls as well.

Excalibur Invasion gives for the third point target 5 Earth Ascendant Scrolls and 7 Tempest Ascendant Scrolls as well.

In the new Hero Crucible event you can get daily large amounts of Tears of Ascension (1400) and Glory Fragments (35). Getting the large amounts is not easy, it depends on the boosts from your heroes (including hero weapons), and you probably already need to have decent boosts from weapons to get the large amounts.

I am not sure if this list is complete. If you know of any other way to acquire one or more of the types of ingredients, please share in the comment section.

Required Amounts to Craft

For the Earth Resurrection set you require 3 Earth Ascendant Scrolls and 20 Tears of Ascension each.

For the Earth Vigor set you require 15 Earth Ascendant Scrolls and 150 Tears of Ascension each.

For the Earth Terra set you require 45 Earth Ascendant Scrolls and 450 Tears of Ascension each.

For the Tempest set you require 100 Tempest Ascendant Scrolls and 100 Tears of Ascension each.

No idea yet which weapons can be enhanced to which level (only that Earth Resurrection cannot be enhanced) and what enhancement requirements are.


Looking at the requirements you can craft 5 Earth Resurrection weapons for the cost of 1 Vigor weapon. The boosts are only a bit more than twice the amount, so it is better to first craft lower level for all weapons. Also from Vigor to Terra the rates are in favor of having a full Vigor set before you go Terra.

It seems to me the Scrolls will be the main problem, which suggests it is best to craft Tempest weapons as soon as you have sufficient scrolls.


There are quite some ways to get ingredients without spending, although getting boosts that way will work quite slow. This is typical for the extensions to the game these days.

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