In May 2017, in the 3.0.0 Update, King of Avalon was extended with the House of Dice. This guide explains how it works.

Limited Information

So far I have not been able to use this new feature, as it is not accessible in my game. I am not sure whether this is because you need to purchase, or because it is not active yet.

The information here is combined from various in-game sources.

How it Works

There is a new Dice icon at the top right of your screen. By accessing this you can throw dices to win prizes. You directly get prizes by throwing the dice (based on a green dice determining the reward and a red dice specifying a multiplication factor indicating how many of the reward you receive), but you also accumulate points by each dice roll that can unlock more rewards.


You require special Tokens to roll the dice. These Tokens can be acquired by topping up gold and from certain packs.


For each roll you get rewards, but also points. Once you reach point targets you can select one of the three gifts that are offered.


At the end of August 2017 I noticed like with some other events you can get credits for this game by completing the daily rewards. This seems like with the other games only a time limited thing, expires in 7 days.


In the past I have complimented the game developers for the friendliness for low spenders, as you get a lot of benefit from spending only once and new "spender only" features that were introduced were available to players who spent in the past. Unfortunately with the House of Dice feature it seems they have selected a new spender only feature that is really only available for players who spent from the moment it is introduced. I am hoping this is a one time thing, and this will not be the beginning of taking a route that makes more and more new features only available for big spenders.

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